Alternate Playable Character for Nirath Campaign

Though I’m not bored of Phonamar, there are some foreseeable events that will remove Phonamar from the campaign trail for a bit. Such as:

1.) Returning Elora’s dead/near-dead body back to Kuvera to prevent her from becoming an asset to Sabiel in undeath.
Duration: however long it would take to reach the ocean, cross it and return to Kuvera (without the use of Greater Teleport), report in to his commanding general, report in to Gesshoku on his findings in Delirion, and receive a new assignment that would bring him back to the adventuring party.

2.) Stumbling in to the Lunar Plane and returning to the Material Plane (hopefully around the start of his epic levels, if we’re going that high)
Duration: however long it would take for him to gain his bearings in the Lunar Plane, be granted the ability to bend lunar energy by the lunar deity, hone these skills, and return to the Material Plane on contract with the lunar deity. In my mind, this would take a minimum of 2-3 years.

When these occur, I’d like to play an alternate character, who would, quite literally, be substituting for Phonamar in the adventuring party on behalf of the Kuveran Elite Guard.

Name: Xater “Soni” Nemidal
Features: Extra-dimensional hunter, conspiracy theorist
Connections: Part of the same training squad and combat unit as Phonamar in the Kuveran military
Proposed role: Capable fighter who prefers to use tower-shields and greatswords, making use of a dual-wield defense technique. Alternatively wields a greatsword that allows for magical spell imbuement, and makes use of a chained scythe. Bad at basic spellcasting, but knows advanced spells that complement his extra-dimensional hunting goals, such as Anticipate Teleport, Dimensional Anchor, etc.

Bio: Xater hails from a people who left the Lunar Plane in order to hunt down their natural enemies in the Material Plane: Horned Devils, and some other hellish creatures. His family refers to these creatures as “Aliens” and “ED’s”, or Extra-Dimensionals. Xater received his martial combat training in the Kuveran military, serving alongside Phonamar. He was also present at the battle of Fort Choir, the first assault on Kuveran grounds by intelligent undead/hellish forces, where he killed two Horned Devils by himself in order to allow the other wounded soldiers to escape the pursuing undead forces, and clashed with the leading undead general, nearly dying in the process on both occasions. Xater joined the Kuveran Elite Guard, spending his time investigating movements of intelligent undead across the lands, all the while eager to pick them off intermittently.

Points of Negotiation: The main points of Xater’s character, is being a proficient martial fighter who has a greatsword that can be imbued with a spell, and has a very small, selective spell list, consisting of only higher-level spells (He is supposed to be super bad at basic spellcasting. Like a piano player who learns a very advanced song only by extensive memorization and mimicry, but knows nothing of music theory or basic piano scales and techniques).

These specific spells should only help him in regard to dealing with extradimensional beings, like locking down a Horned Devil who would Greater Teleport, or being able to strike an ethereal creature.

I’m not sure what classes he would be. In 3.5, I imagined him being some sort of specialized Duskblade/Fighter/Spellsword. Not sure how you’d want to approach this in 5th edition.

What are your thoughts?

Given the concept with game mechanics, it may be best to consider 1 of 3 possible routes.

Eldritch Knight is clearly the parallel in 5e. I have a proposed fix for the EKs limited in nature feeling. Basically you choose two schools of spells rather than being forced into evocation and abjuration.

Option 2 is an item which grants certain spells as a use effect. Perhaps an RP item.

Option 3 is some kind of epic boon or prestige boon or other DM rewarded feature. I’d love to be able to reward feature boons–a reward granting a power rather than treasure. I will have to be careful with the actual implementation but I can’t say the idea hasn’t crossed my mind before.

I see no problem in character switches. Plenty of characters have switched so before.
[October 2, 2015 at 12:07 am]

I think the route I’d want to take would involve his magical greatsword being his RP item, and his boon being something along the lines of “extradimensional bane” or something, a boon that gives him a specific set of spell to cast. I’d imagine that he’d have at least one piece of magical gear that let’s him cast a spell too, but I’d have to think about what the effect would be.
[October 2, 2015 at 12:18 am]

It is an unofficial policy of mine that the RP item is not to be a weapon or shield. We can work something out. Lots of routes to go.
[October 2, 2015 at 6:38 pm]

So I’ve got an idea for Xater’s RP item. BTW, I like the Prestige of the Fiend Hunter.

RP item: Helm of the Planar Hunter
This helmet has been passed down through generations of your family, helping learning hunters to hold their own against the pledged foes of the family.

1.) You can cast the following spells (certain amount of times/day, or charge system):
-Anticipate Teleport
-Dimensional Anchor
-Devil Blight (works against your favored enemy, regardless of alignment).
-Dimension Door

2.) Weapon Bond
-You can perform a ritual to bond with a weapon of your choice, as the Eldritch Knight does, gaining the same benefits. [BIG MAYBE–>] You gain bonuses to your attack/damage rolls against your favored enemy when wielding this weapon.

3.) Spell Imbuement
-You can imbue your bonded weapon with Dimensional Anchor or Devil Blight (modified), releasing the effects on targets struck. Imbuing your bonded weapon in this way expends the appropriate charges from your spell allotment with this helmet.
[October 3, 2015 at 8:52 pm]

I will need to review the spells and previous custom items before I say any more.
[October 3, 2015 at 9:36 pm]

What are your thoughts for the item?
[October 8, 2015 at 5:34 pm]