An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

The land is Kuvera, the time period follows after the conquering of the Necromance, the place is an upscale inn and restaurant. Phonamar has been given leave for rest and pursuing his interests. He approached this inn—the Smirking Barber—after hearing a lovely story about their eggs and metufiera, a traditional Kuveran dish and his hunger begged him to come. For a couple Kuveran turquoise pegs (a cylindrical piece of currency in Kuvera worth 7gp each and 2gp elsewhere), he was allowed entrance to the establishment.

He took a seat in the middle of the room, tipped the maitre d, and ordered a meal costing 2gp—the behavior of the establishment cordial for a member of the Kuveran military.

A group of three mercantile aristocratic men approach Phonamar. “Greetings, sir. You do not know us, yet we have been told of you. We have been informed that you’ve mapped many a land with your own quill, and we have an advance for you: one hundred pegs, should you accept our most humble of requests.”

hooooo boy, when is this gonna play out?


If we can make progress, soon! What is Phonamar’s military title?

The three men insist you hear their offer. “See the bag. The money is good.”


His military title is Purifier, which is the authoritative equivalent of Specialist (in US military rank schema), but has the privileges and responsibilities of Sergeant First Class.

While opening the bag and inspecting a few 5 pegs, Phoney says “Is the request as compelling as the payment?”


Should he be referred to as Purifier by civilians?

"Purifier, our oracle has seen a vision and you will be in Mirdroth in due time. We know not how, only that you will. There is a land in Mirdroth that has long been unexplored. It is a hostile land with many tribes and a kingdom which hasn’t been mapped in a long time.
"Our last recorded map of its territory is many centuries old and we have some men who would be willing to gain access to a more recent take on its layout. We are offering you in addition to these 100 pegs, an additional 400 pegs should you return with a most detailed map.
"The land was last known to be ruled by a man named Sovilar when the last map was drawn. Even then it was a hostile land and unwelcoming to travelers. Even more, its climate is less than hospitable, boasting dry land and frozen waters. When the wind blows, it sweeps you away and then drops you in ice.
“We ask for as great of a layout as you can offer.”


“Purifier” would indeed be the appropriate address for him.

Phonamar slouches in his chair, and plays with his food a bit, looking at the food while he speaks.
“…I’ve had my fair share of the cold…what you ask of me is quite the endeavor.”

He looks up at the men, straightening his posture and giving them his full attention.
“Though the money is good, I do my best work when I know there is more at stake than merely making my pockets fat.” [pause] “What is the name of this land? Why would you desire such a map?”

"It is known among the common peoples by the last king’s name: the Lands of Sovilar. History has it that Sovilar’s Kingdom was great but fell in violence. It is said he was the last son of a great warlord who swept Mirdroth. In his fall, his fortresses, storehouses, and vaults were plundered as revenge for the sword he swung and blood he spilled, and the history of his father’s wars.
“Save for the tribes, the land is desolate now: a frozen tundra and vast swaths of resources remain without a reaper. Our magnate has much interest in settling this land but not without an understanding of his investment.”

"Interesting…a fallen kingdom…you say the goods of the kingdom were stolen, but what of the people? What of this Sovilar? Did they vanish? Were the people dispersed to other lands?

[Question for after these are answered]

“And lastly, who is this magnate of yours? Who, exactly, am I helping with this? Tell me of yourselves, where you are from, and with whom you associate.”

The main one of the three, garbed in green, looks at his associates. He is the one who has been speaking with you. “As I said, those whom the king and his son plagued took revenge, and put them and their subjects to death. Now only the remnants of tribes and nomadic peoples live there. You would have to read up on the lands; I’m sure a librarian could assist you. Unfortunately, what we know we have learned after being given our task.”


He rests his hands on the table while standing. "Our employer is a Kuveran man–born and raised here. His loyalties are to the future of Kuvera, Purifier. He made his wealth from his family’s endeavors as well as trading with Yogaz. He mostly seeks to work in lumber. If you must know, his name is Anayaptiek–his family immigrated from the northern deserts years ago.
“We are but aristocrats. My name is Reporshir and my associates are Erdoter,” wearing mostly yellow, “and Xanomal,” who has adorned himself in purple and jewelry.
“I dare say, Purifier, we are loyal to Kuvera and the purging of the undead; our employer feels the same. This request would help us survey supplies for the building of new fortresses, ships, new metals, and perhaps a missed treasure or two of the ancient kingdom of Mirdroth.”

Phonamar stands up to meet eye level with the three men, and extends his right hand out for a shake.

"Thank you for enduring my questions gentlemen. I will certainly accept your request, though I cannot say when I will be available to pursue such an endeavor…

“How will I find you when the task is finished, that we may complete our transaction?”

The three shake your hand in turn and inquire about some of your baubles and treasures. "We knew you would gladly accept this offer, Purifier. Return to Kuvera. Leave us a message with the Post, put your name in at the port logs, or find our Master. We shall have servant boys running to and from these locations once a week. Should they find you returned, we shall ask for an update.
"If you must find us during a brief shore leave, you may leave your work at the quill and ink artisans’ house of–I believe it is called Guthoromol’s Scroll–we shall make inquiry there and should we find your work, we shall offer trade with the house’s master for the map. All you must do is let the house master know the price and we shall arrange the exchange.
“If you know a talented magician, I am sure one could reach us by eldritch passage. You know our names and our faces–that should be sufficient.”

“Certainly, I look forward to completing our transaction in the future…Do you 3 have any pressing matters to attend to? Could I interest you in a few rounds of Dragonchess here before we part ways?”

“Anayaptiek would certainly be interested in hearing the news that you have accepted his offer. A game of dragonchess should be in order to celebrate this moment. A new map of northern Mirdroth would be a great addition to the archives of libraries everywhere.”