April Update: CE & FCC, Software Update and DIY Router? | PINE64

Certifications and battery life have been majorly improved, and more improvements are on the way! Such is the nature of opensource. With a 15 hour battery life on standby, that’s more than enough for me. So long Android! So long iOS! I will gladly run Linux on my phone even with its needed development.

I purchased mine today! I recommend the DHL shipping, which is more, but drastically faster and provides more information and updates (based on community feedback). The cost of manufacturing the phone is $140 and the remaining $10 is the profit for the company, which they donate to the preloaded OS on the phone. I wanted my $10 to go to KDE, but I didn’t want to wait. I can always donate to them $10 at another point.

Now I’m just waiting for the PineTab, which is delayed, but seeing improvements!

Also, there’s an upcoming dock made by Pine for the PineBook Pro.