Arc 1 - Adventuring: Forests, Planes, and Time

TL;DR - >Party forms >Want to kill creature for money >Creature attacks them at night, it runs away after being hurt badly >They go to Madame's mansion to find out where creature is >Infinite Forest and Sentry are obstacles, defeat Sentry, make it through Infinite Forest >Meet Madame and Priscilla >Find out Madame takes care of lost and abandoned creatures, has quarantine zone for aggressive and uncooperative ones >Get lost in mansion, get flung to far future-version of mansion, find strange objects, come back to present >Go to quarantine zone to find creature >Find creature, kill it, get flung to far future-version of quarantine zone >Kill big spherical garbage thing >Come back to present >Mansion on fire because of DreadKnight of Kuvera >Fight DreadKnight, he flees before killed >Party rests, agree to escort Priscilla to where she needs to go >Go back to starting town, collect bountyThe Nightkelb The party begins in the port town of Esperanza, located in the southwestern part of the Auta Lands, a portion of Yogaz barred from the rest of Feldour by the Kuveran Military State and it's former territories.A job poster for the head of a rampant beast, a Nightkelb as called by the locals, piques the interest of several travelers in a particular tavern, who decide to pool their resources for the kill. Admiring the bravery of these individuals, several patrons of the tavern offer some help to the party: the barkeep tips them off that there exists a Madame of Beasts to the north within a great forest and gives them a map of the local land, while a sailing captain offers them a rustic, yet magical, stake.

The party gets to know each other and camps out in the town that night before they leave for the Madame’s Mansion to investigate the origin of this Nightkelb. During their sleep, they are awoken by the loud thrashing of nearby farmland and animals, finding that the Nightkelb has returned to terrorize Esperanza once more. They engage the Nightkelb and behold its incredible strength and otherworldly powers. After a few crucial blows to the beast, it retreats, fading from the space it occupied.

The Infinite Forest and the Dreadknight of Kuvera
After sleeping through the rest of the night, the party seeks to repair the damage to the town during the nightly battle, and then set off. Arriving at the forest pointed out by the barkeep, the party arrives at an ominous gorge that causes them to gravitate towards its edge. Dodging the random meteors that fly around the gorge, the party crosses the bridge into the great forest, peering over the edge to find the gorge littered with corpses.

A short walk into the great forest leads the wandering party into a thick fog. The party has wandered into the Infinite Forest, and are attacked by a being called Sentry, a guardian who bends time and space to give the forest its appropriate name. Sentry has assumed the form of the individual who last incapacitated it, a warrior that some may know as the DreadKnight of Kuvera; a fearsome rogue warrior who wields a flying greatsword and carries the terror of dragons in his wake. What business did this warrior have with the Madame? A lengthy battle would result in the party incapacitating Sentry after many casualties, dissipating the space-warping powers of Sentry, allowing them to cross through the rest of the forest.

The Madame
It is the late evening, and the party enters a large clearing, where a great mansion lies atop a hill. One member examines the exterior of the mansion, only to surmise that this building does not even exist on the Material Plane. The other adventurers approach the front doors, where they are greeted by a rather large rabbit butler named Herman. A quick interrogation would allow the adventurers into the mansion, where they are guided to Miss Priscilla, who tends to their wounds from battling with Sentry.

The adventurers gain audience with the Madame of the Mansion, who reveals the mystery of the forest surrounding her mansion, and explains herself to the party. She takes in and rescues creatures that were once pets of individuals, caring for them and providing a home to them. At least one member of the party is reluctant to accept this explanation, but they cannot find anything to accuse the Madame of. Though, the Madame does reveal that she banishes aggressive creatures to a specially contained area, and suggests that the travelers search for their Nightkelb there. Before heading out, the Madame holds a late-night banquet for everyone.

After the banquet, Miss Priscilla tells the adventurers to meet her near the woods in the back so that she can take them to the quarantine zone. The adventurers struggle to find a door leading to the back woods, and stumble upon a portal in one of the deep hallways, later revealed to be a spontaneous time portal that sometimes spawns inside the mansion. Entering in, they find themselves in a different building with many doors and rooms. Behind many of the doors is a chamber, with an object resting on a pedestal in the center. One contains a turtle-shell chalice, another contains strange bifocals. There are also doors that lead to impossibly large environments. One environment is a razorleaf forest, where one of the adventurers steals a many leaves to forge into armor later.

Lost in Time and Space
A pirate captain and his crew come bursting forth from one of the doors, where men in white coats scold them for interrupting experiments. Lost, the captain and his crew ask to follow the adventurers so that they can escape this strange building. The party eventually finds their way out and return to the present in the Madame’s mansion once more, finally finding a way out to the back woods where they rendezvous with Priscilla. She leads the party to a stone altar, where she plays a tune on a viola to activate the altar, which teleports the party to a corresponding altar inside the aggressive beast quarantine zone.

The quarantine zone is surrounded by colossal walls. A flat, grassy terrain circles inside the walls, while the unbelievably tall trees of a forest stand before them. The party sets out into the forest, encountering seemingly small creatures that carry volatile magical powers. The atmosphere becomes grim as the party delves deeper into the forest, finding the corpses of what seem to be naked overgrown humans that stand 30-40 feet tall, leaning against trees or lying on the ground; something has killed them. Snapping branches and toppling trees indicate the presence of a dangerous creature. The same Nightkelb lurches from the shadows of trees at the party, while more overgrown humans run out from the trees trying to kill the Nightkelb and also raging in confusion about the adventurers.

The chaos of the fight results in the party killing the overgrown humans and decapitating the Nightkelb. With the otherworldly forces inside the Nightkelb body becoming unstable, the space and time around the Nightkelb body collapses, flinging the adventuring party to the future again. They find themselves in a future version of the quarantine zone, where there is no plant life save for a large tree, and many large piles of metals and trash and stacked high. An old man and young child exit a door carved at the base of the tree, recognizing some of the adventurers as heroes of legend and explaining to them that they are currently in a trash dump for an interplanar security organization. At the request of the man and child, the adventurers defeat a spherical, metallic creature that roams the dump. The old man leads the party to an ancient teleportation altar, where he sends the adventurers back to their proper time.

From the teleportation altar in the woods, the party sees black smoke billowing into the sky from the direction of the Madame’s mansion. Rushing back, they find the mansion ablaze in black flames, with a familiar figure standing by the building: the warrior that Sentry had imitated. Madame and Priscilla fight the DreadKnight of Kuvera with the adventuring party. Accepting defeat after serious injuries, the DreadKnight takes to the skies on black wings and flees the scene. The mansion is saved, and the Madame gives quarter to the party to rest and heal their wounds after all the ordeals they underwent.

The next day, as the party is preparing to leave, Madame asks the travelers to escort Priscilla to the desert nation Nasr’s capital city Balansiyyah, as she is in search of a particular individual who is likely there. The party is able to leave the Madame’s land as the Infinite Forest does not appear to exist when passing from the mansion’s side, and they make their way back to Esperanza to collect their reward.