Arc 4 - Dungeoneering: The Rainy Town, Omens, and Elemental Evil


Akaria and crew venture toward the Deymeln Mountains, amongst the northern mountain ranges of Kuvera.

Hard rain patters upon the hooded covers of Akaria’s wagons; their journey northbound has been cold and thunderous. Sitting by the warm glow of a lantern as she directs her caravan from inside, Akaria gazes upon a charcoal drawing made up by Aleron himself. Depicted is a plant-like artifact, not too unlike a corn cob with its husk on, but of a deep, metallic blue color.

“Akaria, this artifact I request. It is potentially powerful, and I would deeply regret seeing it fall into the wrong hands. Please be quick.”

“Not much to go off of”, she thinks to herself. He spoke of a Frost Temple near the town of Newlyn, located only a few miles away from the base of the Deymeln mountain range. As she wonders to herself, the sound of hooves upon wet mud march upon her ears as the hours pass.

Following the road’s treacherous ascent up a steep hill, a finely carved brick road ushers the caravan to a settlement contained by the nearby woodland. Sturdy stone houses with thick foundations dot the roadside which is illuminated by the warm glow of lights peering out from within the abodes. The lights gently wave and flow, refracted by the rainwater dripping across the glass surfaces. As inviting as the doorsteps seemed, Akaria proceeds through town in search of a business, so as to not sojourn and delay the caravan’s arrival to Newlyn.

The Golden Calf Tavern catches her eye, accepting the invitation of the front door’s intricate carvings and comical icon. Through talk with the townsfolk inside, Akaria discovers that she is already in Newlyn. A cheery soldier and his aide appeal to her curiosity, revealing that the soldier is also a mapmaker. Some small banter nets Akaria a quickly conjured map of the town and how to get to the nearby Frost Temple, bringing along the soldier’s aide with her to the temple to help sate their boredom.

Thautam’s Frost Temple

More to be written…