+2 Str, +1 Con
Large Sized. Your carrying limits are doubled. Though you are large-sized, you wield medium-sized weapons thus your damage die are not doubled. Your reach is 5 feet.
Speed. 50ft
A Horse’s Bod. You gain proficiency in Athletics. Your armor costs four times the normal amount and weighs twice as much.
Hooves. You can attack with your hooves for 2d6 + Strength bludgeoning damage.
Languages. Sylvan, Elvish plus one bonus.

Note: All races of Large or Huge size are currently not available.

Thought: Centaur’s are always considered mounted? See PHB for mounted combat rules.

EDIT: Gave the Centaur the Barding penalty as a form of balancing the race with the “A Horse’s Bod” trait…