Chainbreaker [Finished: Pending Approval]

Chainbreaker: Freed Slave

For some significant portion of your life, you have been someone else’s property. This part of your life happened either by abduction, as punishment for a crime, sworn to a debt of life, or you were born into it. How did you become a slave? Who was your master and where are they? What were the conditions of your slavery? What did you do as a slave? Were you treated well, or were you abused? How much privilege or freedom did you experience, and was this granted to you, or taken by you? How would you treat your master after your servitude? Can you ever really leave your background behind you?

You come from the ranks of slaves and the opressed but either through hard work or luck you have risen above the place society has placed you. You are held in awe by all slaves or those in squalid or poor living conditions, you are a beacon of hope that and motivation that they too can rise above their suffering to new heights.

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, vehicles (land)
Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (one of your choice), a shovel, an iron pot, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp


Past Purpose

A slave is set to a task by their master for a reason– their purpose for even being alive.
d8 Past Purpose
1 I existed to do hard labor, such as mining or construction.
2 I existed for someone else’s amusement, entertainment, or recreation.
3 I existed to serve some dedicated menial task, such as cooking or cleaning.
4 I existed as the personal servant of a given person, family, or group.
5 I existed to fulfill the tasks of some professional assistant, such as a furnace operator for a smithy.
6 I existed to serve the function of an inanimate object, such as a signpost or furniture, or to operate such things, like opening and closing a specific door all day long.
7 I existed to fight and die in the place of someone else, as a soldier or bodyguard.
8 I existed to serve all, as an untouchable– a slave to even other slaves.


Now that you are free to choose for yourself, what is your purpose?

d8 Purpose:

1 I have dedicated myself to a way of life/craft/religion it is my purpose and my place in life.
2 I am unable, or find it difficut, to function without the lack of direction or orders, I have hired myself out as a paid servant. I will continue to serve but on my own terms.
3 I have heard many things, many secrets, I now use that information to my advantage to make a place for myself where I please.
4 I learned a craft while I was a slave, why try to make a living when I am already an expert?
5 Slavery is dispicable, no one should live as I did, all slaves should be freed and I will bring about this end.
6 A life of humiliation and beats has left me broken and bitter, the rich and royal are abhorent, but I am not above taking their coin to be their assassin in their endless games to get ahead.
7 I seek to help those who are enslaved or destitute, I have compassion them because I was once one of them.
8 I seek my family/clan, I must see them again.

Feature: Hospitality of Slaves

Since you come from the ranks of slaves and the poor folk, you fit in among them with ease. You bare the scars from brands, beatings, and shackles, these marks tell all who you really are.

Showing your markings to slaves and the poor will bring them to accept you as one of them as long as you are not a direct threat to them. You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other slaves and those with wretched-poor living conditions, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you. Additionally you have advantage when making persuade and intimidation checks against slaves and those in wretched-poor living conditions due to your own life experience in the same conditions.

Showing your markings to those of modest or comfortable life styles will ellicite a range of reactions from pitty and compassion to distain. Despite a pitty or compassionate no notable special treatment is guaranteed.

Showing your markings to those of wealthy or aristocratic life styles will generally elicit a disdainful reaction.


d8 Personality Trait
1 No matter how bad things get, I never complain– I’ve seen worse.
2 I try to hide as much of my body as possible.
3 I judge people by their actions, not their words.
4 If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to lend help.
5 I have a strong sense of fair play and always try to find the most equitable solution to arguments.
6 I misuse long words in an attempt to sound smarter.
7 I am terrified of ropes, chains, and whips.
8 I do all kinds of basic chores and errands for those around me out of habit.
d6 Ideal
1 Equality. We all bleed red, we all suffer together. (Good)
2 Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. (Good)
3 Freedom. Tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people. (Chaotic)
4 Sincerity. There’s no good in pretending to be something I’m not. (Neutral)
5 Spite. Those who would own others shall belong to me. (Evil)
6 Fairness. No one should get preferential treatment before the law, and no one is above the law. (Lawful)
D6 Bond
1 I dream of returning to my homeland or family.
2 My tools are symbols of my past life, and I carry them so that I will never forget my roots.
3 I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
4 I will never betray those I call Friend
5 I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me.
6 No one should have to endure what I have had to endure

D6 Flaw
1 My former master, or the law, will stop at nothing to have me executed if they learn who I am.
2 I am a coward.
3 I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.
4 I have trouble trusting in my allies.
5 I harbor dark, bloodthirsty thoughts born from the mistreatment of my past
6 I am without empathy for others that are suffering.

I’d say this look good! The only thing I would add are some random purposes for the Chainbreaker post-slavery.