Character Creation: Xater

Starting Abilities


HP Rolls

Starting Equipment
Weapon: +2 Silvered Greatsword. Eldritch Bond. Your weapon is considered bonded to you as per the Eldritch Knight ability. Requires attunement.

Secondary: +1 Angelic Tower Shield. When fiends attack you and you bear this shield, you gain an additional +2 AC. All healing affects used on heal an additional 1d10 hit points. Requires attunement.

Armor: +1 Fiend’s Bone Studded Leather. This studded leather was crafted from the remains of a fiend. You have resistance against fire and against the poisoned condition. Requires attunement.

Item #1: Heward’s Handy Haversack.

Item #2: Vessel of Absorption. This strange urn/pot/container has a lid. When opened around residual magical energy, it absorbs parts of the magic lingering in the area. The energies in the pot can store spell energy. You can release this energy to…

Item #3: Pendant of Mental Fortitude. You have advantage on saves against spells and effects that attempt to read your mind, and against the charmed and frightened conditions. Requires attunement.

Item #4: Three Ringed Dismissal Talisman. You can use the Banishment spell twice per day.

Handmade Item: Fiendslayer Gauntlets. Requires attunement.
When you punch a fiend, you can attempt to stun the fiend. Upon successfully striking a fiend, it must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 8 + Proficiency + Strength) or become stunned for 1 round. You can use this ability up to five times. All expended charges are regained at dawn.
When you touch a fiend, you can choose to either have your touch be excruciating or to reveal information. The fiend must make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + Proficiency + Charisma) or must answer one question truthfully.

Standard Boon: Blood of the Fiend. You can use the Misty Step spell once per short rest.

RP Gift:

Other: 2,000gp and any items that costs less than 100GP. DO NOT GO OVERBOARD!

Xater’s RP proposal item:

RP item: Helm of the Planar Hunter
This helmet has been passed down through generations of your family, helping learning hunters to hold their own against the pledged foes of the family.

1.) You can cast the following spells (certain amount of times/day, or charge system):
-Anticipate Teleport [adapted?]
-Dimensional Anchor [adapted?]
-Devil Blight [modified] (works against your favored enemy, regardless of alignment).
-Dimension Door

2.) Weapon Bond
-You can perform a ritual to bond with a weapon of your choice, as the Eldritch Knight does, gaining the same benefits.

3.) Spell Imbuement
-As a bonus action, you can imbue your bonded weapon a certain amount of times/day with either Dimensional Anchor or Devil Blight (modified), consuming the appropriate charge/usage, and applying the effects on targets struck. Your weapon retains the imbued effect until the end of your turn.
[October 20, 2015 at 1:43 pm]

RP items tend to only supply a medium benefit unique to a particular character, possibly just enchancing a current ability. The more powerful the item’s function, the less it does overall. As proposed, there are too many functions. Nothing stops me from later rewarding your character by upgrading their RP item, but as proposed, the item is too stronk. I will look into this when Xater would be closer to entering into play.
[October 20, 2015 at 6:45 pm]

Lots of proposals, to close out Xater’s character creation process. All of these are tentative until your approval.

Boon Idea:
Lunar Descendant
Xater can use Misty Step at will, either as an action or as a full movement. Recharge on 6. Max 2 uses per short rest.

RP Gift/Handmade Item Idea:
Gauntlets of Fiendish Bane
Requires attunement. Armor Class(?)
1.) Magical Effects [8/8 charges]
-Fiend’s Blight (Damages and stuns a fiend) [2 charges]
-Regain 1d6+2 charges @ dawn.

2.) When you touch a fiend in disguise or a false form, you have advantage on discerning the type and name of the fiend.

3.) You can consume a use of Fiend’s Blight, transferring it to a fiendish target either by touch with the gloves, or channel it into your blade for 2 turns, empowering your attacks. You cannot affect the same fiendish target more than once per turn.

Sword of the Slayer
Silvered Greatsword, considered a magical weapon. Requires attunement.
Weapon Bond – You are always bonded to this weapon, as the Eldritch Knight bonds to a weapon.

Second: Silvered Battleaxe, non-magical.
Third: Lance
Fourth: Blade and Chain

-Studded Leather (worn most all of the time)
-Chain Mail (worn only for combat with enough preparation time)
-Tower Shield

Item #1: Heward’s Handy Haversack
Item #2,3,4: Assorted occult items (see below)

Hypothetical assorted occult items:
1.) Sealing vessels (to seal away aberrations).
2.) Tags of fiendish banishment (to return a fiend back to its home plane).
3.) Tags of undead return (disperses necromantic magics from an undead body, re-usable after 1d6 days).
4.) Glyphs of command (to force a devil/demon to submit to your commands, such as to reveal its name, its true form, who summoned it, and to command it to return to its home plane)
5.) Marks of Absorption (absorbs residual magical energy. Takes 1 day/spell level, without being disturbed or removed from its place, to fully absorb the magical energy from a residual spell.)
6.) Pendant of warding (protects the wearer from mental intrusions, provides advantage against charm and fear effects)
[November 12, 2015 at 5:36 pm]

The boon is incredibly strong. I would imagine a boon giving limited uses per day/rest.

The gloves should be able to be worked with.

The weapon shouldn’t be much of a problem. It would likely be +2, and have the bonded quality to it. It would also glow (a thing I am a fan of having magic items do).

The other stuff doesn’t sound like much of a problem.

I will have to investigate the “occult stuff” a bit more, as the items I have been giving out for those slots are more support items with persistent uses rather than consumables.
[November 12, 2015 at 6:31 pm]

I’ve added a ‘per short rest’ limit for the Boon.

I should clarify that my idea with the occult items, I was proposing having all of those kinds of occult items, rather than only 1 type per Item Slot. I figured, given the power of the occult items, that having such an assortment would consume that many Item Slots. Obviously, the most favorable scenario for me would be to have the Occult Item Assortment only consume one Item Slot, allowing me to have more Support Items, but that balance is up to you.
[November 12, 2015 at 6:44 pm]