CLEARink Displays

One of the technologies I have been considering dipping my toes into utilizing is epaper. Both ereaders and ewriters are incredibly useful for reading massive libraries on the go. I have not been willing to commit to them because they lack certain features I desire (e.g. an accessible OS which I control, which is to say, Linux or FreeBSD/Unix-like). There have been interesting things out there like Onyx Boox and other competitors trying to bring an Android tablet to market with a eInk screen but they are incredibly expensive or the hardware is a little lacking.

For that reason I have been monitoring a company called CLEARink. When I first read about them almost a year ago, I got excited immediately as they are an epaper screen but with color and higher frame refresh rates allowing for video. Here was the technology I desired and a company was nearing the market. That’s why I am so excited to read this Display Daily post. I believe that once CLEARink comes to market we will see a drastic shift in what is sold to consumers, especially if they sell standalone monitors. Now I just need a Linux tablet with a CLEARink screen!

For those who want more, go and research this company! We’re talking color screens with weeks of battery life! Imagine smartphones with this technology—no more daily charging!

Maybe they can partner with Pine64