Any thoughts on these changes?

Multiclassing into Cleric and taking a domain that grants heavy armor proficiency grants medium armor proficiency.

Cleric gains Religion as a bonus skill at level 1.

I think having Religion being a bonus skill at level 1 makes sense from a role play aspect, it would also allow for some use of one of the most unused skills I’ve ever seen.

Regarding the armor, were you meaning they get heavy and medium armor proficiency?

Certain domains grant bonus armor proficiency of martial weapons and heavy armor. This would make it so that if someone multiclasses into cleric (meaning they didn’t start cleric), the highest proficiency of armor they could get from multiclassing would be medium armor.

I suppose that makes sense, then you don’t have a sorcerer that can wear plate armor.

It also keep it inline with the option to multiclass into Fighter and Paladin, which also only allow a multiclasser to wear Medium armor.

Sensible changes. Religion as an automatic skill proficiency for Clerics only makes sense.