Conclave: Conclave of the Arcane Woodsman

Inspired by D&D’s Arcane Archer

Level Ability
3 Enchanted Draw, Arcane Magic
5 Extra Attack
7 Imbue Weapon
10 Magic Draw
15 Seeker
Enchanted Draw You have a set of an enchanted quiver and sheath(s) created for a cost of 50gp from wood, leaves, metal, skins, and other natural materials. Weapons drawn from the sheath(s) gain the following properties: melee weapon attacks ignore disadvantage imposed by the dodge action; thrown weapons return to your hands at the end of the turn they are thrown and have a 50% increased range; ammunition pulled from the quiver and fired ignore half and three-quarters cover.

Arcane Magic
You learn Prestidigitation and two other wizard cantrips. You learn wizard spells at set levels.

Imbue Weapon
You can cast a spell or cantrip on your weapon if it has an area of effect. The effect of the spell casts from the weapon on weapon hit or on ammunition fired. Ranged attacks cause the spell to be centered on the square the ammunition lands. Thrown weapons are considered ammunition.

Magic Draw
Your set of quiver and sheath(s) grant the following benefits. Any weapon drawn has a +1 enhancement bonus if it has none. Your favored enemy damage can be fire, lightning, cold, or acid damage.

Once per short rest, for the next minute your ranged and thrown weapon attacks can change direction once during flight, and a melee weapon of yours can dance within 5 feet of you. When you use the attack action or cast a spell, the dancing weapon can make an attack using your bonus action.

This Unearthed Arcana introduces the Arcane Archer for the Fighter.

It would be the continuation of what this Concalve attempts to implement. The suggested here is more broad and is Ranger based.