Druid Circle: Circle of the Fey Woods

This circle is meant to represent a warrior druid who utilizes its weapons and armor. The Circle of the Fey Woods would be a favorite of those who work alongside the ranks of treants and other sylvan forces. These druids stand opposed to the workings of industrialization and growing city grounds.

Level Ability
2 Nature's Armaments, Circle Defenses
6 Extra Attack
10 Plant Shapes
14 Natureborn

Nature’s Armamentss: You learn the cantrip Shillelagh. If you already know this cantrip, you learn a new one. Additionally, you can use Shillelagh on javelins and spears. If these weapons are enchanted with the cantrip, they the benefit persists even when thrown but fades if the weapon is not in your hands by the start of your next turn.

Circle Defenses: Beginning at 2nd level, your skin thickens and hardens like the bark of a treant. Your base armor class when not wearing armor is 13 plus your Dexterity bonus. Additionally, you have Advantage on saves against being shoved or overrun.

Extra Attack: When you use the attack action to make a weapon attack, you can make one extra attack.

Plant Shapse: You can shapeshift into a plant creature of a challenge rating no higher than your druid level divided by three, rounded down.

Natureborn: You gain resistance to lightning, thunder, and acid damage.

Inspiration for this background was targeted at a replacement for the 4e Warden. What appears to more or less be a nature-y paladin, I figured a Druid archetype could cover instead of a whole new class. Definitely not a direct comparison. The base idea is a nature tank, rather than martial or faith-based.