Eldritch Knight - Thoughts

@eisdrachen, @lordnewb

I know you, Eisdrachen, don’t like the Eldritch Knight and was working on a remake of the class utilizing health in this thread. What about these as changes for the EK?

As per the Player’s Handbook, except as follows.

Eldritch Knights can switch one spell on their spell list each day by spending an hour meditating on their magical power. An Eldritch Knight who does not obtain a full night’s rest (the long rest is interrupted) cannot switch their spell.

Eldritch Knights can also choose spells from one additional school in addition to Evocation and Abjuration.

The Eldritch Knight’s Bonded Weapon functions as an Arcane Focus. An Eldritch Knight can cast spells with somatic components while wielding their bonded weapon as if they had a free hand.

Another change I saw suggested by someone but that I’d be hesitant to implement was this:

War Magic now does the following. You can cast one cantrip in place of an attack as part of the attack action. You can only replace one such attack per turn. This replaces the default EK's ability. Improved War Magic functions the same way.
This would be a pretty hefty damage increase if you think about it though.

Spell switch - good

One additional school - naw

Bonded weapon arcane focus - good

War Magic change - it’s a small change, but it’s implications are big, and I’m not too keen on that.

I think we have to remember that this is a Fighter archetype, and that it is bridging the gap between martial and magical. The War Magic change would bring the best aspects of cantrip/attack options from both martial and magical worlds, and I don’t think that would be healthy.

Keep in mind that the Fighter still gets extra ASI’s and more extra attacks than other classes, and that the spellcasting is supposed to “replace” the stuff from the other archetypes. I feel EK is fine as is. It is a limited spellcaster who still has a buttload of martial attacks and a buttload of ability score potency.

I definitely agree. I think that War Magic is fine the way it is.

I do think granting then one other school is good for flavor, so that you can have Transmutation Knights or Necro Knights, for instance. It also doesn’t increase their spells known, just those available