General Overview

General Introduction Players: Aaron, Ben, Justin, Mackenzie, Mark, Pat, Steve Y., Will Inactive Players: Corey, Garret, Sam, Steve H. Dungeon Master: Taylor
Setting Information Setting: Nirath, custom Game/Version: Dungeons & Dragons, 5e Average Character Level: 15
At A Glance Current Characters: Norman, Phonamar, Rask, Gell Inactive Characters: Cassandra, Doman, Drekore, Jahreck, Juggernaut, Jukker, Kaelic, Leoice, Mjolnar, Seraphina, Tyraña, Vayvis, Zurgo, Clarence, Alius, Laris, Maple, Yroc Dead Characters: Borem, Feista

Character Creation

  • 27-Point Buy, as per the D&D 5e Player's Handbook
  • Roll Hit Points (HP, Max at 1st level, reroll 1s), take total or average for Hit Die (HD)
  • Players begin at level 15
  • Players can work with Taylor on home-brewed material
  • Players must have at least 1 Ideal, Bond, and Flaw
  • Players begin with 2,000gp
  • A Player's beginning starting gear
    • One +2 weapon
    • One +1 secondary (second weapon, shield, wand)
    • One +1 suit of armor
    • Four uncommon/rare/very rare magic items to assist the party
    • One custom made item for the player
    • Two trinkets
    • One asset that fits the character's concept
  • Characters have three lives; once a player dies his third time, he can no longer be resurrected