Join the Guild

While expressing yourself through artwork is great, sharing that artwork with others can be even more rewarding. Rarely do creators make something without intending to display it, and I want to extend an invite to you to use our site as a place to showcase your work.

In the language of the games that many of our users play, Redemption Studio intends to operate as an online guild for artists, creators, crafters, makers, builders, and thinkers. This guild seeks to unite an online community under that banner and grant them a home away from their home to share their ideas. We hope to create opportunities for creating, critiquing, and discussing works of art, whether shared in the blog or elsewhere. Hobbyists, novices, masters, and connoisseurs are all welcome alike!

Our basic operating principle is to be a serving community welcoming those whose faith is in the Gospel of Jesus. We welcome those who don’t believe as we do to participate in our discussions and share this space with our passions, whether for their own works or their comments, but our standards are derived from our faith. We seek to offer grace to our contributors and readers and we offer love and respect to them on the theological concept of the image of God, but we don’t discipline as it is needed. We are thus a parachurch—seeking to assist in the mission of the church, that is, the spread of the Gospel and building up of the church—primarily through encouraging Christian creatives to distribute and hone their works through the benefits of an online community.

I (T. H. Wright) have a strange set of skills, and I want to be able to benefit the church through those skills. I make my knowledge of Linux server hosting available to our users and have let it manifest in the creation and maintenance of this site.

At present, we exist solely online and are not associated with any particular denomination or organization. If you want to know more about us, you can learn a little bit more by reading about us, our mission statement, our heart, learn about God’s Beauty, or meet a few of our staff.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you can find contact information for T. H. Wright (the author of this page), Redemption Studio’s Founder, in the forums. I’d be happy to speak with you, learn about you, share some of my desires and passions for this website, and see what we can do to grant you space to share your work!