Let Fiction Help You Embrace Tension

As I work on the web, I have begun collecting articles which I find interesting enough to comment on or share. At times it feels like I am embracing much tension in trying to keep up with this while writing enough of my thoughts to make most posts more than just a reshare. That being said, I still find it valuable to eventually bring them into the open.

I have recently been working my way through some online lectures on C. S. Lewis by the late Dr. Knox Chamblin, former professor at RTS. While all the lectures have been wonderful, those covering art elicit my attention as others do not. Dr. Chamblin covers some of what made C. S. Lewis great, particularly his imagination as a rational romanticist and his expertise in literary criticism. While the linked article is in no way about C. S. Lewis, it stands in some respects as part of that tradition, the tradition of Christian fiction writers. Dr. Chamblin urges his listeners that if they are fiction writers, they are called to write their fiction well such that the Church would gain a better understanding of the her cherished doctrines which can become obscured behind rationalism and abstraction. This article helps to further that idea. (Sometimes it pays to delay writing these things! I would have missed the great import Lewis had upon a post such as this one from TGC.)