Manuskript 0.8.0

A couple of years ago I decided I needed a writing tool besides LibreOffice. Don’t get me wrong, LibreOffice is great and gets better with each successive update. What I wanted was something more focused on writing, storyboarding, etc. I was excited to learn about Scrivener as I read many wonderful things about it; I had even heard there was a Linux version but then found out it had been dropped. There was much sorrow in this.

I found Bibisco but I found its UI unappealing. The next was a new project at the time called Manuskript. Version 0.8.0 of Manuskript has just been released. While it isn’t the most exciting release, it did ensure better compatibility.

I have enjoyed using the software. It follows a basic flow in setting up a writing project that can help jumpstart thinking through writing. I’ve mostly been using it when writing Sunday school and youth group lessons—keeping each chapter of a book as a parent folder and each set of verses as a subfolder—but have recently begun transferring my short stories and beginnings of novels to the software.

While there are many features and some things that could be improved in the UX, the software has everything necessary to get started and makes use of the lovely pandoc software for exporting. Everything is saved to a renamed .zip archive in flat text, which makes backups a breeze and even allows for editing over the CLI/SSH if need be. Just unzip, modify, and archive when done! (You could even script it!) Even better, the software has its own versioning system built in.

I am excited to see how this project continues to develop! Give it a try and keep your eyes on it!

GitHub: GitHub - olivierkes/manuskript: A open-source tool for writers