Ki Recovery

If a Monk drops an oppnent to 0 hit points, he regains 1 ki point. If a Monk scores a critical hit, he regains 1 ki point.

Way of the Four Elements

Level Ability
3 Elemental Affinity, Elemental Discipline, Fists of Nature
6 Extra Elemental Discipline, Monastic Resistance
11 Extra Elemental Discipline, Focused Energy
17 Extra Elemental Discipline, Elemental Prowess, Improved Focused Energy
Elemental Affinity You learn Elemental Attunement and two cantrips from the following list. You learn an additional cantrip at level 11 from the following list
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Acid Splash
  • Chill Touch
  • Ray of Frost
  • Fire bolt
  • Poison Spray
  • Create Bonfire
  • Control Flames
  • Frostbite
  • Gust
  • Mold Earth
  • Shape Water
  • Thunderclap
Elemental Discipline You learn one discipline as normal. You learn an additional elemental discipline at level 6, 11, and 17.

Fists of Nature
You must pick an elemental type (Air, Earth, Fire, Water). Your monk weapon attacks deal an additional 1 damage of your type (Air: Lightning/Thunder, Earth: Acid, Fire: Fire, Water: Cold).

Monastic Resistance
For 1 Ki point, you gain resistance for one minute to one of the following types of energy (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning)

Focused Energy
You may use Ki points to increase its effectiveness. Additionally, choose one Discipline which costs two or less ki points; its cost is now two ki less, to a minimum of zero.

Improved Focused Energy
Choose one Discipline which costs four or less ki points; its cost is now three ki less, to a minimum of one.

Elemental Prowess
Your monk weapon attacks now deal an additional +1d6 damage of your chosen type. If you use Monastic Resistance on your chosen energy type, you are now immune to that energy type for the duration instead of resistant.