More Suggestions For Quitting Big Tech

When I worked in Linux server support, I saw many strange websites, that is to say, those which are the community grounds for people who actively wear tinfoil hats. While I refrain from falling into their beliefs, I saw things in my work which make me cautious and, as mentioned in numerous online articles as of recent, evermore likely to say it is time to quit larger services as wholesale as possible. All this to say, what I write is not advocating for the Tinfoil Hat Society.

I recently read this web article. (it is not the first of its kind.[1],[2],[3],[4]) These discussions interest me as I like seeing how people think about making such moves; my appreciation for Linux has grown immensely, as well as the opensource community which surrounds it.[5] As the author calls himself “a total Linux noob”, I had reason to believe that he simply was not aware of all the possibilities out there for replacement, or had simply decided to refrain from writing about them. So, I think there are some valuable options he fails to mention for removing “the Big Five” from one’s life. Those options are the following, and yet, even my additions are not exhaustive, just those I have found beneficial. (The aforementioned footnoted web posts include other ideas. Particularly noteworthy is footnote #4, which advocates for a CLI-only computer workflow. At the writing of the article, browsh was not available and is a noteworthy update to aiming for a CLI-driven computer workflow.)


  • OpenStreetMap; if you use this one, you may want to find another program which can locate the coordinates of an address, as it will give better directions than just adding an address. It can take you to intersections but not specific addresses. In other words, it’ll get you close but not directly in front of your friend’s house.

PIM (Personal Information Manager)

To-Do, Contacts, Calendar

Email Client

Replacing Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs

Replacing A Smart Phone (options on the horizon which will make leaving Google even easier)

Replacing a Smart Home Device


  • Audacity, for sound recording and audio/music manipulation

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  5. At times I find it difficult to agree with the political views and moral stances of the opensource community, but I believe that disagreements will abound and are part-and-parcel to a community-oriented philosophy. ↩︎

Here’s yet another option for quitting big tech.