Mul'Jinn's Legacy Feature

Classless Djinni, as in the 5e Monster Manual.

Elemental Scimitar
Your weapon has the following features:

  • This weapon has the same weight and feature statistics as the scimitar in the 5e Player's Handbook, but not the same damage statistic.
  • Elemental Attunement - Your scimitar's blade is made of pure elemental energy. You attune it to a particular element type as a bonus action: fire, cold, shock, acid, force. Your scimitar deals 3d6 damage of the selected type. Your scimitar is immune to sunder attempts.
  • Elemental Triumph - When you make an attack with this weapon, you ignore any resistances of the selected type your target may have.
  • Elemental Sweep - You unleash an arc (2-dimensional cone) of the element type that your scimitar is attuned to. This arc has a 90-degree sweep and extends out 30ft. and deals 2d6+your Cha. Mod. of the attuned element type. This can occur twice per short rest.
  • Elemental Siphoning - You can attempt to block a hostile spell made with an attack roll that is directed at you. If your scimitar is attuned to the same element type as the hostile spell, a successful block will absorb the spell, discharging the magic as 1d6 bonus damage per spell level of the element type to your next attack. You lose this bonus damage if you change your scimitar's attunement before you discharge the absorbed energy.
Personalized Feat: Trophy Hunter You collect trophies of your fallen enemies that can be sold for money and alter your social interactions with creatures of the trophy type. The gold/sell value of the trophies is determined by the DM on an individual basis. If you wear your trophies, you gain the follow effects when interacting with creatures similar to those of the trophy type:
  • +1 Deception per trophy
  • +1 Intimidation per trophy
  • -1 Persuasion per trophy
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