Munderia, formerly the Brass Empire, now officially the Kingdom of Munderia, is a sovereign state located in the northwestern reaches of Theis. The country was officially founded with the death of Baron Von Yeger, who previously before its official founding, ran a feudal system of government in the local area.

Recorded Common History:

Yeger was known to be ruthless to his countrymen and was mistreating the people of his land. Many of the oppressed under Yeger sought help from anyone that would be willing to help them; the people of the land were so desperate that they would pray to any god that would lend an ear to their cries of pain and torment. One day, their cries were answered. A group of five seasoned explorers came to their land and were willing to help the people in need.

The group of adventurers conducted a campaign to remove Baron Von Yeger from power through any means necessary in order for him to atone for his crimes against his people.This campaign lasted several years with many decisive battles such as the siege of Doom Mourn Keep. Eventually the group was able to confront and bring Yeger in. Baron Von Yeger was sent to trial and was found guilty for oppression of the extreme to the denizens of his land.

During the Baron’s reign, the land itself became tainted with a curse, which persists through to this day. Much of the wildlife has been contorted to monstrous forms of their original selves. The land has become less and less fertile as the years since Baron Von Yeger’s demise. Feeling that they were responsible, the group of adventures came to the conclusion that they would settle in the land and do whatever it took to make life as hospitable as they possibly could within their power.

It was with this wanting to better the denizens’ quality of life, the group had created The Munderic Council which would oversee policies and strategies to protect the land from the creatures of darkness that the land was producing. This simple form of government eventually led to the founding of The Kingdom of Munderia which was led by the Council. As the original members of the Council aged and grew in the experience as leaders, They began to start families of their own that would carry on the traditions and name of each original founding member.

The Munderic Council, being the central form of government of Munderia, was only limited to a total of 5 seats at the table. This allows 1 member of each family to be a representative on the Council. Each family has their unique rituals and customs to appointing their representatives. The families represented on the Council are as follows: House Imperia, House Zaphara, House Salem, House Parrish, and House Fulgoth.

The Kingdom of Munderia as well as the Munderic Council have existed for 233 years. The current time period is currently the 7th Generation of the Munderic Council.

  • Population: 1,155,000
  • Area of Land - 70
  • Population Density - 33
  • Terrain Volatility - 70
  • Climate - 50
  • Natural Resources/Fertility - 60
  • Military Might - 40
  • Economic Strength - 21
  • Reputation - 40