Murder in the Night: Hobgoblins, a Train, and Wraiths

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Convinced of an otherworldly presence attacking the hobgoblin’s overland ship, Norman, Phonamar, and Rask plan how to rid the spirits before another life is taken. Gell, during this time, was busy in contemplation. Unbeknownst to them, Maple arrives riding on his steed. He explains he had gone on a temporary mission with Laris before departing from Laris to return to Gell and assist the group as need be.

Rask confronted the hobgoblin commander with their plan, who admitted he believed in the goblin god of war but did not put his trust in his faith. He told Rask that he would give him leadership over the entirety of the hobgoblin soldiers aboard the ship, ordering him not to dishonor his command. Rask set to ordering the troops to take up positions in larger groups and to be ready for whatever happened, blowing horns if need be.

Returning to his party, he explained the encounter and they lay in wait for the murdering ghosts to return.

The horns blew in the middle of the night from multiple locations and the heroes rushed to the spot as quickly as they could. They made their way to the front of the ship when a horn blew from the rear, and they realized they had been duped.

Returning from where they came, they found hobgoblins in the heat of battle against one another. Uncertain who was who, Phonamar cast a spell meant to disable the would be attackers, but there was again a deception. Maple rushed into the fray and cast a powerful spell forcing any spirits in the car they were in to remain, unable to leave. The trapped beings screamed in terror and unleashed a fury of necrotic energy upon the heroes. To seal the deal, Phonamar conjured a wall of ice about the car, leaving one wall of the car exposed.

Rask, weighed down by his armor, trailed behind the rest of the group. Alone, he was ambushed by the spirits: seven in all. Their dark wispy form the same as the night of the first murder. Their touch drained his energy, but the mighty cleric of Torm stood his ground and banished those which suffered the weight of his mighty hammer.

Maple took to stalking the spirits, intent on slaying them in their prison and releasing the hobgoblins trapped in their possessed state.

Norman and Phonamar rushed off to find Rask, whose arrival was delayed. What’s more, Phonamar was being eaten away by some terrible disease. Norman carried Phonamar that the two might move faster through the use of Phonamar’s magic. They arrive to find Rask under assault and Norman joins the fight, but Phonamar’s request for healing are met with deaf ears: Rask was not blessed with healing this day. The two hacked away at the incorporeal beings and Phonamar quickly teleported back to Maple, where with clever use of his flight he arrived next to the mysterious newcomer and archer.

Strapped to the side of the cart through a curious harness, he displayed benevolence to the ill sorcerer, and Maple healed Phonamar of the disease. Thankful, Phonamar left as quickly as he came, while Maple unleashed a quiver of fury on the spirits who shed their host, revealing the dark wispy form.

Their teamwork defeated the spirits. Of the nine who attacked, only one survived, fleeing into the nighttime sky.

Now the heroes must recover; their deathly power has taken a toll on their bodies.



Defeated Monsters and Traps

  • Possessing Wraith x 9


  • Spoke Goblin
  • Honored the Hobgoblins
  • Protected the Passengers and the Cargo


  • Gell
  • Tended to the animals during play, showing character’s attachment to nature over civilization
  • Maple
  • For wonderful hand gestures during play and a great use of How Convenient
  • Norman
  • Tormented Phonamar and taught small children to tease him
  • Cared for the dead and mourning camelfolk
  • Phonamar
  • For a good performance of being rapidly eaten from the inside out and a good show of character’s personality during game play
  • Rask
  • Gained trust of Hobgoblins by using your war experiences and took command of the land ship


  • The Wraiths did not leave behind any gear.
  • Strange goop left behind on the murdered camelfolk mother.
  • Collected by Phonamar