New Action: Free Action Use Object, Clarification

Based on the following post, I would suggest we make this clarification to the Free Action Use Object a player receives on their turn.

Use Object

Free Action

During your turn, you can perform one of the following actions, or something similar in conjunction with your Action and/or Move Action.

• draw or sheathe a weapon
• withdraw a potion from your backpack
• remove a ring from your finger
• stuff some carried food into your mouth
• plant a banner in the ground
• fish a few coins from your belt pouch
• drink all the ale in a flagon
• pull the hood of your cloak up and over your head
• turn a key in a lock
• tap the floor with a 10-foot pole
• hand an item to another character

If you attempt to interact with an object you neither wield nor carry with your free Use Object while you are threatened in melee combat—such as the following—your opponents are allowed to make an opportunity attack as a reaction against you.

• open or close a door
• take a bauble from a table
• pick up a dropped axe
• throw a lever or a switch
• pull a torch from a sconce
• take a book from a shelf you can reach
• extinguish a small flame
• put your ear to a door
• kick a small stone
• stuff some carried food from a plate into your mouth
• pick up a mask to don it