New Class: Warrior


After some small discussion, @lordnewb and I thought that the archetype presented in New Fighter Archetype: Warrior was covering a ground best represented as something in between the Fighter and the Ranger, or the Barbarian and the Ranger, or perhaps all three. This new thread aims at the development of a new class that will be the eventual replacement for the Fighter Archetype attempted. The class is a mobile martial combatant, decently armored, and engages in tactical combat. This class’s proposed character concepts would cover corsairs, pirates, marauders, raiders, pillagers, brigands, viking plunderers, nomadic warriors, the wandering cowboy or his villainous nemesis, or even the occult warrior who sacrifices to gain the powers on the battlefield from some demonic force, and the like.

The development of the class begins as such. Note the name is tentative.


Hit Points. d10

Skills. Three from the following list: Animal Handling, Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidation, Nature, Persuasion, Sense Motive, Stealth, Survival

Proficiencies. All simple and martial weapons, light Armor, medium Armor, and shields.

Level Bonus
1 x
2 x
3 Archetype
4 Ability Score Improvement
5 Extra Attack

Before creating features for the proposed class, I think it would be important for us to establish some goals for the class. Particularly, what is compelling about the class, how does it allow the players to engage with the game and each other in a new way, and why the class should be picked over others.

In my opinion, I think what the Warrior class should bring to the table is a kind of non-spellcasting, combat-based utility, that helps the player express unique combat actions beyond just “I attack”. I feel that the overall theme of the Warrior class should let players approach combat in a new way, without relying on magic. Where the Fighter gives raw battle prowess and different forms of attack (as with battle maneuvers), and the Barbarian gives a large health pool and some features that embody the rage combatant, I think the Warrior should be the martial combatant who is creative, witty, and imaginative.

As a proposed framework, I think a good starting point would be to give 2 Archetype trees: The Pillager (marauder, viking, raider) and The Rascal (wandering cowboy/nemesis). The Pillager has its own sub-tree, where the player decides what kind of pillager they would like to be (land or sea based), and the features learned at later levels depend on that initial choice. The Rascal probably would not subdivide.

Some potential features:

  • Use Object as a bonus action in combat
  • [For marauder/raider specialization] Have Advantage on checks to resist being knocked off of mount.
  • You do not have Disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks when wearing light or medium armors that normally impose this penalty.
  • Spend a short rest using a whetstone to sharpen a nonmagical melee weapon, granting a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls until the end of the next combat encounter that this weapon is used in. This process consumes the whetstone.
  • Enemy intimidation during combat, such as verbal harassments, distractions, demoralization, and trickery. Examples:
  • You are able to manipulate the flow of battle, inspiring allies and demoralizing enemies. As a bonus action, let out a warcry in a 30-ft radius, giving allies in the area a bonus to their attack rolls equal to your proficiency bonus (or Charisma modifier???) for 1 minute, and forcing enemies to make a Charisma saving throw (DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + CHA mod). Enemies who fail the save receive a reduction to their attack rolls of the same amount, but for 1d4 rounds. Usable # times/long rest.
  • You can use an enemy’s momentum against them in battle. If an enemy within 5 ft. of you misses an attack against either you or one of your allies, you can spend your reaction to attempt to Shove the enemy prone.
  • You are able to feint your attacks. When you take the Attack action, you can spend your bonus action to force your target to make a Wisdom (Insight) check, contested by your Charisma (Deception) check. If you succeed in this contest, your first attack against this target has Advantage. A target who fails in this contest is then immune to this contest from you for 24 hours.
  • You are exceptionally agile in combat after attacking your foes. When you deal damage to an enemy with a melee attack, their opportunity attacks against you have Disadvantage.
  • You are able to intimidate singular enemies, selecting them as a favored target. As an Action, you select a target within 30-ft. of you, causing them to perform a Charisma saving throw, contested by your Charisma (Intimidation) check. If the target fails this contest, then for the next minute, you gain a bonus to your attack rolls against this target, equal to your Charisma modifier. The target has Disadvantage on attack rolls against other targets than you, cannot Dash, and can only move away from you at half speed. The target has Disadvantage on their Charisma saving throw if they have no allies within 10-ft. of them at the time of making the save.

Other ways a Warrior might interact in a creative way could be the previous “Harry” ability to create a superficial difficult terrain. Like Yosemite Sam shouting: “I dare ya to cross this line, ya varmint!” the Warrior can discourage his foes from entering certain areas. This might look like selecting a set number of squares, perhaps a set of 5ft by 5ft squqares, 10fy by 10ft squares, or the like within a specific range. I suggest this over an aura of difficult terrain as that feature already exists and doesn’t provide the utility of being able to select squares.

Included in the Use Object as a bonus action, I would suggest including equipping/removing a shield as a bonus action instead of as an action.

To further emphasize the creativity, perhaps the Warrior should get benefits to Grapple or Improvised weapons, or other various maneuvers, or perhaps new ways to utilize existing maneuvers.

There is a Feint ability already presented on the page. I also included one for Parleying, Goading, and Menacing.

I like the idea of superficial difficult terrain, but the actual use of it sounds like a headache, because the difficult terrain doesn’t apply to everybody on the battlefield, and the actual location of the superficial difficult terrain changes.

Equipping/removing a shield as a bonus action, as part of the Use Object as bonus action feature, sounds great.

I like the idea of benefits to Grapple or Improvised weapons, though 5e, as far as I know, has not explored improvised weapons much at all, so we don’t have a good platform to start from.

Despite us already having existing maneuvers, such as Feint, Parley, Goad, etc., if the intention is to have a release for DM’s Guild, we want to avoid making the class obey, or constrained by, our own homebrew systems.

What if it was a limited use ability and covered a, say, 15ft by 15ft square; applies to enemies but not to allies within line of sight?

That’s true; I agree that we shouldn’t use our own homebrew for that. Though we could include a section of additional homebrew combat options that complement the Warrior.