New Condition: Nauseated

I will follow suit with you, @lordnewb. I was going to be using this condition in a future monster of mine.


Because of some creature’s foul odor or other horrible, disugsting act, or perhaps even a scenario, the character is now Nauseated. A nauseated character suffers the following penalties.

  • Incapacitated
  • Disadvantage on Constitution saving throws


This condition is likely to be the end result of a failed Constitution save, making the Nauseated condition good for extending the Nauseated condition. The duration of the condition will likely be determined by the monster which causes it.

What immediately comes to mind with a Nauseated condition is something similar to the Stinking Cloud spell, as well as the Slimy Doom effect of the Contagion spell.

What I would have to ask regarding the Nauseated condition:

  • Would it be the result of a persistent area of effect that forces saving throws on targets in the area of effect?
  • Would the saving throw be repeated at the start of a creature’s turn? Thus, the condition’s effect would place Disadvantage on future saving throws against itself again?
  • What modes would transmit the Nauseated condition? For example, would it be purely by smell, or would it be a medical condition based on a character’s phobias or squeamishness? If so, how would this interact with creatures who have no need to breathe or have immunity to poisons?
  • Is it too powerful for it to impose the Incapacitated condition? Based on the model of Stinking Cloud, it only denies the target’s action, not both action and reaction.

Some food for thought.

Valid concerns, but that would be mostly described in the effect which causes nauseation. The condition itself exists as something monsters can inflict., but how and to what degree would be based on the monster itself.

In terms of monsters implementing the condition, those are definitely valid questions. I think of the troglodyte from D&D 3.5 which would inflict a nauseated condition.

The sickened condition is something else, but here is how the Trog causes sickening.

Perhaps nauseated should prevent concentration as well?

If we go the route of Nauseated imposing the Incapacitated condition, then it would break Concentration, because Incapacitated creatures cannot Concentrate

Ah, okay. I was looking at the roll20 SRD and didn’t see that. Is that listed in the Concentration rules then?

Yeah, being Incapacitated or killed is 1 of the 3 ways to lose Concentration.

Beyond what is written then, do you think the suggested Condition lacks anything or should be altered in some way? I don’t think Incapacitated is out of the question for the condition. Characters can still move, and the loss of action might represent the slow down from feeling like one should puke.

I’m concerned about the Disadvantage on Constitution saving throws being intrinsically tied to the Condition itself.

I think it would be safer to have the Disadvantage be tied to the individual creature’s effect. For example:

“Creatures can repeat the saving throw at the start of their next turn. Creatures repeating their saving throw while in the area of effect have Disadvantage on the saving throw.”

Hmm… I do want to see a sickened or nauseated condition return to 5e.

I can see the concern but there are much scarier conditions out there than this one by far. I don’t think there is much issue with the condition personally, as creatures are bound to have some statement in their ability’s use that says something to the degree of:

“A creature that succeeds on the Constitution saving throw cannot be affected by the nauseating effects (until the next day|for 24 hours).”

Do you have a different suggestion for the condition? I do think incapacitated is an appropriate effect.

After reading additional monster entries, I think this condition makes sense. The monsters I have read where they would cause a nauseating effect are instead causing a poisoning effect. This condition, in its simplest, allows the creature to more easily poison its target.

So it’s actually an AoE Poisoned condition?

Not quite. Nausea would still be triggered individually, but some creatures may be able to cause the condition in an AoE.