New Damage Type: Seismic Damage

Seismic damage manifests in several different forms. The most basic instance of seismic damage can be considered a mixture of bludgeoning and magical force damage. Seismic damage can result from a highly momentous impact with a magical object, or even constructively interfering soundwaves that are resonating with the natural frequency of objects. Seismic damage almost always has a secondary effect tied with it:
  • Instances of seismic damage against somebody wearing a full suit of metal armor automatically make a sunder attempt against the armor with a +4 bonus to the check.
  • Seismic damage against creatures will typically push them in the direction opposite the source of the seismic damage. Distance pushed depends on the strength of the seismic damage and the size of the target.
  • Ceramic structures, such as stone or concrete buildings, are considered vulnerable to seismic damage.
  • Seismic damage dealt to the ground creates difficult terrain.
This damage type is currently incorporated into the Yogaz Adventuring campaign.

Could we rename this to Lunar damage? It is more vague that way and could cover a wider range of damages? (examples: Gravitational force, Magical gravitational force, magical “lunar” energy, etc.)
[November 21, 2015 at 7:22 pm]

Lunar damage would just be raw magical energy damage.

What I’m trying to describe with seismic damage is an extreme force localized into a small area, and is not always magically induced.
A giant kicking a small humanoid or a building with their foot.
Something similar to a Thundering Fist spell.
A large wooden log used in ‘battering ram’-esque style, but with a force beyond that of the average group of humans/humanoids.

Though seismic damage could just be “massive bludgeoning damage”, the intention is to correlate a secondary effect with the “massive bludgeoning damage”.
[November 21, 2015 at 7:59 pm]

So why not just add effects? I don’t know about damage types having effects inherent to it
[November 21, 2015 at 11:57 pm]