New Film Shows Why We Still Need the Puritans

One group of Christians I have enjoyed learning more about and reading the works that they produced centuries ago are the Puritans. The Puritans were a prominent source for a paper I wrote on Christian leisure. They were so heavenly minded and of great earthly good, much to the opposite of the poorly stated converse.

Further, I’ve found that the Puritans are oft maligned because they are oft misunderstood. They are viewed as if they had no fun, yet they were known for brewing a special beer for celebrating a minister’s ordination. They may have liked their worship free of many worldly elements (i.e. Regulative Principle), but they weren’t against artwork outside the sanctuary. They may have been against sin and worldliness, but they were far from dull or boring.

There is much to gain from them, and a new film apparently seeks to discuss them well. (To what degree the movie will present the Puritans as monolithic or as diverse as they really were we will have to wait to see.)