New Item Modifiers: Backpack Quick Release Straps

So I had an idea for a backpack with an addon for essentially quick doffing it (same rules as quick sheathing). Basically a pull cord that allows one to quickly lower it to the ground as they charge into combat so they can carry a heavier load but not be taking weight negatives in combat. Additionally since you are gripping it when you release it you can set it down while moving to avoid breaking things in it. Rules for donning would be the same as usual.

Would this be doable?

Speaking of item modifiers, we may want to consider adding other ones back in from the other source books, such as shield crests, shield sheaths, armor/shield spikes (I can’t recall if that’s already there), or others.

You could essentially broaden your item @mesoterra to be more of “quick donning straps” which could be applied to other items as well.