New Redemption Studio Logo

Let’s be honest, the Redemption Studio symbol is a placeholder. I’m looking for a new symbol for Redemption Studio. If you have ideas that you think represent it well, look awesome, or are there for you to practice your craft, feel free to submit ideas to me and I’d be happy to review them.

Have questions? Please feel free to ask!

I have several ideas in the works! I hope to share those here later. Once anew logo is chosen, I plan to set up logins from external applications such as Google and Twitter.

As part of the new domain name, I have implemented a basic logo until something better comes along. If you have ideas, feel free to share!

What kind of a feel or design are you looking for in a new logo?

With the switch to Redemption Studio, I ended up creating a logo for the site. For the time being, it stays, though I wouldn’t mind a new Orange Team logo. That being said, Orange Team has been wasting away without much attention and I’ve been debating tossing it.