New Rule: Skills and Talents

With new attributes in place, the Open Legend rules can separate attributes from skills more clearly.

Skills and Talents are a new character customization and advancement option in Open Legend. Skills and Talents represent Attribute specializations. Characters begin with X skill and talent points. Skills and Talents have a score based on the level of the skill. A Skill and Talent is advanced as an attribute, but its max level equals the character’s primary attribute. Characters begin with 40 Skill and Talent points and gain 3 every time they earn an experience.

Skills and Talents have a primary attribute which determines what attribute benefits a skill through factors such as feats, like Skill Focus. Skills and Talents can be activated with any attribute which makes sense in the game’s fiction; any attribute that is not primary is considered secondary. Some Skills and Talents have multiple primary attributes. As with attributes, a character gains more access to skills and talents through the generalization of skills and talents than the fiction may allow.

Skills and Talents add an amount of advantage equal to half their skill and talent level to an attribute check (min. 1).

The following is a [WIP] list of available skills. The attribute(s) noted in parentheses is the skill and talent’s primary attribute(s). Feedback concerning this list would be appreciated! Explanations coming soon™.

  • Acrobatics (agi)
  • Athletics (mig)
  • Apothecary (int)
  • Arcana and Strange Lore (int)
  • Brawn (mig)
  • Computer Lore (int)
  • Craft (int or sou)
  • Deceive and Disguise (cun)
  • Detect and Distinguish (perc)
  • Endure and Concentrate (fort)
  • Finesse (agi)
  • Focus and Aim (fort or perc)
  • General Lore (int)
  • Insight (int or sou)
  • Intimidate (mig or pres or bra)
  • Investigate and Gather Information (perc or cma or crm)
  • Labor and Work (mig or fort)
  • Leadership (sou or pres or bra or cma)
  • Logic and Wit (int)
  • Mechanical Lore (int)
  • Oratory (int or bra or cma or crm or sou)
  • Performance (crm or pres)
  • Persuasion (cma or crm)
  • Piety and Spirituality (sou)
  • Ride and Drive (agi)
  • Self-Control and Discipline (sou)
  • Social and Historical Lore (int)
  • Stealth (agi)
  • Subterfuge (int)
  • Theology and Religion Lore (int or sou)
  • Track and Hunt (perc)
  • Wilderness Lore (int)
  • Wisdom (sou)

After thinking through this some more, I’m inclined to lean on Perks and Feats for such specialization. Those systems are simpler, broader, and can be tweaked to desire. My recommendation would be to develop a list of additional Perks, with some becoming more specific.