New Rule: Supply Score

The players’ party has a Supply Score which determines how long the party can last without replenishing their supplies. This score is equal to ( 10 + Wealth Level + Fortitude ) * the number of players. This number is a broad representation of the number of days the party csn

Everyday that the party spends away from a source of supplied reduces the party’s supply score by 1 per player. Certain events and twists through adventuring can further reduce the party’s supply score. Examples might be a nefarious for who poisons the party’s food, an ogre who attacks and eats and steals food and water in a pillage, or the players losing equipment as they navigate over a sheet precipice.

When the party’s supply score dips below 50%, the party experiences discomfort.

When the party’s supply score dips below 25%, the party experiences worry.

When the party’s supply score dips below 10%, the party experiences panic.

When the party’s supply score hits 0%, the party experiences starvation and exhaustion.

Each point of lethal damage that must be healed costs 1 supply.

[More work forthcoming.]