New Sorcerous Origin: Vampire

Sorcerous Origin: Vampire

Not all vampires are made. Some are born, inheriting the abhorrent curse of their undead parentage. Vampires bear children only rarely over the centuries, more often rendering the honor to the wretched mortals upon whom they prey. The young resulting from such a union aren’t always evil, but they inevitably manifest certain insidious powers of the vampire. Sorcerers with the vampire bloodline origin face a harrowing choice: channel their inner darkness into a worthy cause as penance for the sins of millennia, or give in to the lustful predator within.

Author’s Note: The features of this Sorcerous Origin is tentative and not final. The objective is to emulate some parts of the vampire monster in order to establish the vampire thematic for sorcerers.

Level 1 Feature: The Sanguine Condition

At 1st-level, your physique undergoes a supernatural transformation, shaping you into the likeness of the age-less, nocturnal predator. Firstly, you gain Darkvision out to 60 ft.; dim light appears as bright light, and darkness appears as dim light to you. You also gain a melee bite attack, which counts as a melee spell attack and deals 1d6 piercing damage.

Additionally, you can spend 1 sorcery point to cast the Spider Climb spell on yourself without expending a spell slot.

Edit: Added sorcery point cost to spider climb feature, upgraded spider climb feature to full Spider Climb spellcast, removed natural armor.

Level 6 Feature: Lifeblood

At 6th level, you can draw upon your magical prowess to help satiate your desire to feed upon the living. When attempting a Grapple, you make a melee spell attack instead of an Athletics check; the Grapple attempt is still contested by the target’s Athletics/Acrobatics check. When you successfully Grapple a living creature, you can spend your bonus action to perform a bite attack against your grappled quarry.

Your bite attacks against a living creature that is incapacitated, restrained, or grappled by you, deal an extra 1d6 necrotic damage. This necrotic damage can be increased by another 1d6 per sorcery point expended on the attack. You regain health points equal to the total necrotic damage dealt on a bite attack. The maximum number of sorcery points you can expend on a single bite attack is equal to half your Sorcerer level (rounded down). If a creature dies from this effect, the maximum amount of hit points you can regain from the bite attack is equal to the hit points the creature had just before the bite attack. You also regain 1 sorcery point when a creature dies to your bite attack.

Edit: Lowered sorcery point cost of additional necrotic damage, changed Grappled attempts to be made as melee spell attacks instead of Athletics check, and added sorcery point gain on creature death to bite attacks.

##Level 6 Feature: Deathly Allure
At 6th level, you can cast Charm Person as a 1st level spell, without expending a spell slot. When you cast the spell in this manner, the creature regards you as a trusted friend to be heeded and protected, rather than a friendly acquaintance.

You regain the use of this feature after a short rest.

Edit: Moved feature of charm persisting if target fails WIS saving throw after being damaged by bite attack to Level 18 feature.

##Level 14 Feature: Children of the Night
Starting at 14th level, you can call upon the creatures of darkness to do your bidding. As an action, you spend 3 sorcery points and call 2d4 swarms of bats or rats if the sun isn’t up. If you’re outdoors, you can choose to call 3d6 wolves instead. The creatures take 1d4 rounds to arrive and remain for 1 hour, or until you are reduced to 0 hit points. You can extend this duration to 8 hours by spending an additional 1 sorcery point. During that time, you can dictate their actions with verbal commands or dismiss them as a bonus action.

You cannot use this feature again until you take a long rest.

Edit: Added option to upgrade duration to 8 hours with additional sorcery point cost.

##Level 18 Feature: Nocturnal Predator
At 18th level, you can use your Deathly Allure at will, rather than only once per short rest, and the duration of the charm lasts as long as you maintain Concentration. If a creature charmed by you in this way is damaged by your bite attack, they must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw for the charm to end; on a failure, the charm persists. Additionally, any creatures affected by this charm must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC to realize they were charmed by you after the charm ends.

Edit: Increased duration of charm to Concentration.

I don’t see anything here which I would outright state is out of place. It definitely feels more like a racial adjustment than a class though. You do mention that, but is that the best way to construct the origin when comparing it to the draconic origin?

I had a similar concern, but looking at the Draconic Origin, the bulk of the Draconic Origin also seems racial.

What Draconic gives:

  • Bonus language, bonus to CHA checks with dragons
  • Essentially a weaker Toughness feat
  • Natural armor
  • Bonus damage to spells
  • Resistance to damage type (cost)
  • Fly-speed
  • AoE frighten (cost)

What Vampiric (current) gives:

  • Darkvision
  • Bite attack
  • Spider Climb (cost)
  • Healing (cost)
  • Limited Charm Person
  • Animal Ally Summon (cost)
  • Upgraded Charm Person

Personally, I think the Vampiric Origin does more “magic-y” things than the Draconic Origin. However, a lot of the Vampiric Origin features were pulled and modified from other homebrew materials on the web, and my own original ideas for the Origin revolved around some specialization regarding choices of Cold or Acid damage types.

I think the Draconic and Vampiric Origins, which are more race-emulating than the other Origins of Wild Magic, Phoenix, Favored Soul, Sea, Stone, and Storm, provide a nice diversity in how the Sorcerous Origin manifests, whether it is mostly arcane or much more racial-like.