Notice: Forum Migration

The Migration

The Redemption Studio Forums have recently undergone a migration from bbPress to Discourse. This migration took place in order for the forums to exist on an open source, “next generation”, mobile ready, true-to-its-blood forum software. The forums originally began on phpBB3, but its legacy code made for a hard time administrating. The eventual migration to bbPress made for easy of administration but required a large sum of plugins in order for the forums to function like forums. This migration to Discourse brings ease of administration, future ready code, a very nice and responsive design, and code intended to be forum software. This is the last move I plan to perform on the forums and plan to use this software for easy upgrading and the like.

Migration Issue

An issue with the migration occurred due to the forums originating on phpBB3 and the migration that ensued over to bbPress. This resulted in various posts not being migrated to Discourse nor their ownership. Additionally, user accounts were not migrated either.

All posts have been migrated; their original time stamps stored in the reply’s post. Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to modify a reply’s posting time and many old threads have been necro’d.

The user accounts were also not migrated. In order to alter the ownership of the original posts to their true owner, I had to create the accounts myself with their own email. The original account holders are welcome to contact me to obtain access to that account and its privileges.

If you have questions about this migration or the future of the forums, please feel free to ask.