November Update: Brave Heart, Pinebook Pro reception and more

More good news from Pine64. I’ve shared his TL;DR below. The comment thread has suggested a Linux eReader, which I wrote up a forum thread about here; I think the idea is great but the PineTab will already be a cheap tablet computer which could handle reading (without the obvious battery improvements), but to wait for CLEARink Displays to offer up their tech could be a better solution. The comments also suggested an opensource smart pencil, but Luckasz said here that the first PineTab will not support them yet a future PineTab Pro could.

The PinePhone Braveheart edition will be available for pre-order on Friday, November 15, 2019 8:00 AM, so mark your calendars! The main issue with the Braveheart edition that Luckasz mentions in his update is that the antenna needs to be tuned further for 2G reception. I was all on board for ordering a Braveheart edition but I have had plenty of issues with reception over the years, and, sadly because of that, I will be waiting for the mass market edition. But mark my words, Android will see its last hours in my hands come that day!

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Our monster clusters; core community services will migrate to our own hardware in 2020
  • Pinebook Pros shipped; Last pre-orders for ~3 months start today (ANSI +ISO)
  • We’re aware of NVMe adapter & Trackpad issues, expect fixes soon
  • OG Pinebook upgrade to Pro-esque setup in Q1 2020
  • PinePhones for developers (finally) ship November 5-18th
  • PinePhone Brave Heart Pre-Orders start November 15th; delivery December 2019 / January 2020
  • PineTab production conundrum; state of software
  • PineTime dev kits shipped; development proceeding exceptionally well