NPC Contact for Phonamar and Xater

Another individual who trained with Phonamar and Xater is a young woman by the name of Rain Lacroix.

Rain is a character of redemption and altruism; once a young, impoverished criminal, then a loyal soldier of the Kuveran military, and now a paladin. She was taken in by a temple of faith during her early adolescence and learned a bit of the ways of being a paladin. After her years in the Kuveran military and witnessing the fiendish terrors at Fort Choir, she turned to the same temple of faith to train further and learn to vanquish these hellish evils.

I feel she’d be a relevant contact and ally for both Phonamar and Xater in their efforts against Sabiel at some point. I made up a mock character sheet in a different campaign, and can copy paste the stuff into a sheet on the Nirath campaign if you want.

Class/Level progression:
1: Rogue (criminal history)
2-3: Paladin [Oath of the Ancients] (taken in by the temple acolytes; I’m thinking the Oath of Devotion may be more appropriate for her, depending on the details of that Oath)
4-10: Fighter [Battle Master] (military training)
11-15: Paladin (returning to the temple of faith)

Criminal (petty theft, breaking and entering, murder)

Rain was raised near the outskirts of the Kuveran capital city, Sonora. After the Confluence and the collapse of the aristocracy, her area came under the oppressive rule of a corrupt noble. Rain turned to theft in order to help her family stay alive, whether it was stealing food, goods, or pickpocketing money; she also worked for a criminal organization to get a meager income. During a small public uprising, Rain verbally slandered the noble during an execution of dissenters in a town square. She went into hiding after understanding the consequences of her sharp tongue. However, the noble found out her name and sought her out. Unable to find her, he threatened to kill Rain’s family in order to draw her out.

She was caught sneaking around a temple of faith with several temple artifacts in her possession. Shown mercy by the acolytes, she was let go and forgiven of her trespass. Intrigued by such an act, she began to periodically visit the temple and received food and water for herself and her family. The nobleman whom she slandered followed through with his threat, and publicly executed Rain’s family. She sought refuge at the temple afterwards, not having a home or family to go back to. The acolytes took her in; she cut off her ties with the criminal organization and earned an honest living at the temple, learning under the acolytes of their faith and receiving some formal combat and healer training. Rain then decided to atone for her mistakes and past lifestyle by enlisting in the military to properly serve her nation.

The medics of the Battle Regiment appealed to Rain’s altruism. Perhaps she could atone by defending and healing her fellow soldiers. Training alongside the likes of Phonamar Prado, Leon Wolcott, Xater Nemidal, Olivia Mile, and Graham Lourhaul inspired her to greatness in combat and sacrifice for her country. The passionate fury of Leon’s fighting and his stern, loyal ideals captivated her heart, and they became romantic with each other.

Rain went on to graduate advanced training with the others, and is a survivor of the Battle of Fort Choir. During the battle, Leon was fatally wounded and lost the lower half of both legs while defending her from an overwhelming attack on the battlefield, though she was still greatly wounded. One of her nearby squadmates gave up their Scroll of Recall to return her to the team’s designated sanctuary, a makeshift medical bay at the rear exit of the fort, where the evacuation horses and carts were waiting for other wounded soldiers.

During the retreat, her cart was pursued by a marilith. One particular soldier riding with her, Maximilian Oroteah of noble draconic blood, stepped forth to duel the marilith, putting his pride and name on the line. Rain chose to aid him in this fight due to his uncommonly selfless act. It is unknown to either of them whether they had actually slain the marilith or if something else had intervened. Regardless, she woke up in an infirmary in a different town with the other survivors.

After the encounter with the fiends at Fort Choir, Rain sought out the temple that took her in during her adolescent years, wanting to learn how to vanquish the hellish evils threatening mankind so that she can protect her friends and country in the future. She has been training since.

Looks pretty solid.

I tend to avoid class levels for NPCs, usually they are best built without them and given static abilities to reflect how they should be played for simplicity, based on what I’ve seen in the MM. If I can’t come up with a reasonable, comparable solution, then class levels may be appropriate.

I will see what I can do about incorporating RP elements like this into the campaign. One of my goals is to have preplanned encounters that can be used regardless of the situation the players are in. So I have say, 8 encounters made, and they have no specific setting but work as a great interruption in the normal flow of play, sort of like a random encounter but with more story behind them.
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