Opinion: Kanye's new album is explicitly, unabashedly, amazingly Christian –

Adam Ford, of Adam4d, Babylon Bee, and Disrn, has written a review of Kanye West’s latest album. He reviews each song and expresses his sentiments well at the end:

I don’t know what I expected going into this. I was just hoping he was sincere and really wanted to make an album to the glory of God. He’s a brand-new Christian so obviously I wasn’t expecting Beautiful Eulogy-level soteriological poetry.
I’m still in a bit of shock that one of the biggest recording artists of our generation just released this album. Let’s rejoice, and pray for all the people who are listening to it right now.
And for Kanye. Pray for Kanye. He’s going to get a lot of heat for this. Let’s pray that all the resistance he meets only serves to drive him closer to Jesus and His Word.