Otherworldly Patron: The Primal Elemental

You have struck a deal with a Primal Elemental. Your familiar might be a tiny sized elemental. Holding such an elemental does not hurt you.

Primal Elemental Expanded Spell List
Depending on the elemental type of your patron, change the damage type of these spells to match that damage type.

  1. Detect Magic, Hellish Rebuke
  2. Flame Blade, Erupting Fire (Erupting Earth)
  3. Fireball, Protection from Energy
  4. Fire Shield, Wall of Fire
  5. Conjure Elemental, Immolation
Level Ability
1 Elemental Infusion
6 Aspect of the Primal
10 Planar Calling
14 Wrath of the Elemental Chaos
1.) Elemental Infusion. Choose one of the following elements (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid). You gain...

6.) Aspect of the Primal. You gain resistance to your chosen type.
Once per short rest, you may frighten elementals

10.) Planar Calling. Summon a portal at a position within 20ft of you. This portal is also a Plane Shift spell to travel between the Elemental Chaos and Material Plane. You must finish a long rest to use this ability again.

14.) Wrath of the Elemental Chaos. You become an elemental of your chosen type for 1 minute. While you are transformed, your Eldritch Blast cantrip deals your energy type in damage. On each successful hit with the Eldritch Blast cantrip, the beam explodes and damages all targets within 5ft of your target for an equal amount of damage. These targets are allowed a Dexterity Saving throw for half damage. Depending on your Pact, you gain a further benefit.
Pact of the Blade. Your attacks with your pact weapon deal 2d6 bonus damage of your type.
Pact of the Chain. Your familiar can launch a ranged spell attack that deals 2d8 of your energy type (range 60ft). For the duration, your familiar becomes immune to the energy.
Pact of the Tome. Your eldritch blast leaves lingering damage. At the end of a creature’s turn who has been struck by your Eldritch Blast’s main hit, that target takes an extra 1d6 damage of your energy.