Paganism, Pantheism, and Climate Advocacy and Eco-Extremism

Seven articles from five different sites each point towards a particular recurrent theme in today’s environmental movement. The first, from Quillette, highlights the history of today’s climate extremism. Another brings in asceticism. What is so fascinating about this is how environmentalism is easily its own religion now which means that religious and moral arguments now come into play in the discussions. While battles still loom over data and research regarding our climate, conservative political voices are highlighting the spiritual aspects of the movement. As Christians, we should not give a political movement the pass because on the front of it it claims science as its foundation; what if science was just a way of masking paganism and pantheism’s views for those advocating environmental policies? Are humans polluting their environment? Yes. Are humans being poor stewards in various places? Yes. Can we sin against the environment? No, we can only sin against God; we can harm humans, but we cannot sin against them (technically speaking). Why doesn’t the RCC straight up denounce what is happening in the Amazon? Do they not see the blatant pantheism of their beliefs? While I may not agree with every word that these websites publish, they have highlighted a troubling undercurrent in the climate debates. Environmentalism is not just about being better gardeners; there are theological and philosophical principles at stake.