Power Rankings of Beings

Saw a similar list of rankings for beings in League of Legends, and I thought it would be neat to have a concise list of “power” or “ability” for the characters in our campaigns, so that we have some reference/scale for how different beings compare to one another.

Let me know what you guys think about these rankings and who these rankings consist of!

The bar that cannot be surpassed.

  • Arkun
Incomprehensible/Higher Angels Beings of immeasurable power, beyond the scope of mortal comprehension. These beings are among the most powerful beings who have ever existed in the created multiverse, and often represent the very principalities of creation.
  • To be populated by Taylor if he wants to.
Forces of Nature/Lesser Angels Immensely powerful entities that have had a profound effect on the world. These beings could be akin to a force of nature, with their raw power being untenable to oppose, at least from a mortal perspective. The lowest beings that possess the power to create from their spoken word.
  • The entire pantheon of deities as listed in the D&D source material
Gods Among Men They’re immortal, super strong, have immense reputations, but are still within the bounds of mortal comprehension. These beings are more readily quantifiable and understandable from a mortal perspective. They exist on the threshold between the scope of what mortals can achieve through magical means and the totally weird and bonkers stuff of the upper tiers.
  • Perhaps Sabiel would fit into this category?
Living Legends/Pinnacle of Mortality These are the most powerful among the mortal beings that the created world has to offer. They can be immensely powerful in their own right, but they are put here because there’s only so far that you can go before the whole being mortal bogs you down. They are considered to be above mortals, but simultaneously are not beyond having glaring weaknesses or being beatable given the right conditions by people way below them in the power rankings.
  • Rolve Maelstrom?
  • Other archmages of Yore?
Mortal Potential While these guys aren’t the absolute apex of what mortals can hope to achieve, they are among the highest caliber of mortals around. Compared to the next lower tier, this is sort of the “Anything you can do I can do better” group.
  • Undead General Mor'Rahk?
  • Conqueror Sovilar?
Remarkable/Renowned Mortals These beings stand tall and proud not because they’re super strong or powerful, but because of what they’ve achieved or their uniqueness as an individual.
  • Chieftain Norman Bear Arms of Skandus
  • Doman Shadowstalker
  • Mjolinar
  • Jahreck of Celestia
  • Phonamar Prado of the Kuveran Purifiers
  • "Demigod" Feista
  • Leoice of Iperia
  • Laris Ownlyar of the Druidic Order of Lindelin
  • Clarence Acidborn
  • Borem
  • Secondary antagonists/bosses, such as the instructors and headmasters of the Necromance.
Notable Mortals
  • Essentially, characters below maybe level 7?

Wow! Useful I am sure for making a setting. I will try to layout what I can for you guys below. If you have questions on particular characters, please feel free to let me know.

  • Deity
  • Ajj’Arkun
  • Incomprehensible
  •     n/a
  • Forces of Nature
  •     Archangels/Fallen Archangels
  •         The Vile One
  •     Judajj
  • Tuwrragt
  • Beromdajj
  • Jaffs
  • The Other Sages
  • Lesser Angels/Fallen Archangels
  •     Sabiel and the Seven other Members of the Dark Council of Eight
  • D&D Pantheon gods
  • Gods Among Men
  •     Zomanca, the Devourer
  • Zaforuken, the Sleeping
  • Nolzieb
  • Mernaoth, the Dark Wizard
  • Living Legends/Pinnacle of Mortality
  •     Rolve Melstrom
  • Alcest
  • Elpinak
  • Sparky Grawler, True Hero
  • Mortal Potential
  •     Mor’Rahk
  • Sovilar
  • Mel’Zhra
  • Ras Dasimnon
  • The Caretaker of Delyrion Fortress
  • Sparky Grawler, Hero
  • Remarkable/Renowned Mortals
  •     Player Characters
  • General Marcus of Castle Saer
  • Tor’Nar, Pirate Captain
  • Tiel’Kar, Pirate Captain
  • Tar’Aar, Pirate Captain
  • Sparky Grawler, Being a Hero’s Hard
  • Notable Mortals
  •     Rudy, Crewman of Alius’s Ship
  • Sparky Grawler, a Miner

[February 8, 2016 at 7:36 pm]

As players, where would we have heard of those listed under ‘Gods Among Men’?

To clarify, Mel’Zhra was the highest headmaster of the Necromance, correct?
And Ras Dasimnon was the owner of the Necromance Mansion before it became the way we found it, right?

What ended up happening to Caretaker? As players, are we aware of what happened to him?
[February 9, 2016 at 6:20 am]

You would not have heard of any of them. They are characters within my world that you will not be meeting.

There were four masters of the Dasimnon Mansion: Alexei Dasminon, Ras Dasimnon, Mel’Zhra, and Headmaster Gandling.

Alexei was an undead warrior buried in a family crypt. Gandling was the “principal” of the Necromance’s necromancy school. Ras Dasminon was a researcher of dark and frost magics. Mel’Zhra was Sabiel’s figurehead over the Necromance and ruler, who you guys grappled and Feista shot with a super arrow. The chain of command would have been Mel’Zhra > Ras > Gandling > Alexei.

Caretaker led you guys to Rolve and then left the sphere; his whereabouts are unknown to the players.
[February 9, 2016 at 6:19 pm]

I’m glad Sparky Grawler’s evolutions are noted as well!

Where’s Ricky?
[February 10, 2016 at 5:57 am]

You don’t wanna meet Ricky.

But if Jukker were here…
[February 10, 2016 at 2:38 pm]