[Proposal] New Condition: Dazed

Also known as “Dizzied”, “Dazzled”, or “Staggered”.

The actual mechanic of the Dazed condition:

The first attack made against the target is at Advantage, and the next attack made by the target is at Disadvantage

D&D 5e lacks a condition that is only:

"Attacks made against the target are at Advantage, and attacks made by target are at Disadvantage"

Most conditions with this effect also have other effects tied into it. This proposal is to make a Condition that has only this effect. In general, the Dazed condition represents a brief disorientation of the target.

Contexts or circumstances that could prompt using this condition:

  • A heavy hit dealt to a target
  • A spell exploding next to a target
  • Cranial damage to a target

It is generally advised that the Dazed condition only affects a target on the first attack made or received. Just very brief, not too penalizing, but enough to disrupt the flow of a target.

I like it. So would you rework any existing conditions to have Dazed as well or is it stand alone?

Naw, I think it should be standalone. It replicates some of the base features that a lot of other conditions have, but it represents a very short time frame by divorcing itself from other effects and durations.