[Series: What I Read in Seminary #2] Eastern Orthodoxy through Western Eyes

As a follow up to the previous installment of this series, I followed through on reading Eastern Orthodoxy through Western Eyes, by Donald Fairbairn. What was most helpful about Dr. Fairbairn’s work was his ability to explain what the Eastern Orthodox believe in the theology of the Western churches. The entire book was wonderful. I encourage a read of the work for theologically understanding a half of the Church forgotten following the Great Schism of 1054.[1]

  1. For those wanting to learn more, I would also recommend researching the Donatist controversy from the Patristic Era. I recommend Introduction to the History of Christianity: Third Edition 3rd Edition ed. Timothy Dowley. This textbook is the introduction for my seminary courses and was a wonderful read. He gives enough material to whet one’s appetite as well as helpful blurbs about various church figures. ↩︎