[Series: What I Read In Seminary #4] Hope & Help for Video Game, TV & Internet "Addiction"

I began researching the subject of gaming disorder, game addiction, or online game acculturation. As I looked for works by the biblical counseling community the only one I could find was by Mark Shaw, Hope and Help for Video Game, TV and Internet “Addiction” (USA: Focus Publishing, Inc., 2008). The booklet is short and succinct, but it was written just before the explosion of video games into the mainstream through the widespread adoption of smartphones. I felt most of the advice was solid but that there was a lack of understanding of the gamer community and proceeded to write two papers for my classes on the subject and which later led me into research seeking a working definition of leisure from the Christian worldview. All that to say, the advice is solid but a decade’s worth of time shows how much video games have changed.