Setting Overview


There are ten months in Nirath’s year: Primus, Undragus, Snowmus, Herramus, Dendrastus, Olstus, Creatus, Westmus, Girhadus, Nesmastus; each month has twenty days.

The current date is: Undragus 1st, c. 4247. [4247-2-1] The dates began after an event occurred that has been lost to history. The nations’ records do not begin to be recorded until year 0; everything before them has been lost. This era of lost information is often called the Black Era by the peoples.

Nirath has two moons. Every so often, a rare event occurs called the Night of the Blue Moon, where the second moon of Nirath shines a cerulean blue color.

Of the known lands of Nirath, the major territories are Elz’Kadon, Feldour, Mirdroth, Prire, and Sulanaar.

The technology of the world is one of fantasy. It is generally speaking medieval for almost all purposes and intentions, though constructions of clockwork and magic are also known to exist.


Below are the kingdoms of Eastern Nirath. To the west and north are unexplored areas, forgotten to the east. Who knows what awaits far away, or beneath the surface of the water and earth, or in the realms beyond the visible?

Of Elz’Kadon

  • Rar'Ilan
Of Feldour
  • Atten'Das
  • Delyrion
  • Ebrethel
  • Grishneln
  • Nalouran
  • Ocar
  • Saertyrk
  • San'Asera
  • Wrelt
  • Yogaz
Of Mirdroth
  • Cerason
  • Fabril
  • Iperia
  • Lasad
  • Roheim
  • Empire of Sovilar
  • Vargael
Of Prire
  • Ivundar
  • Prire
Of Sulanaar
  • Moktorug
  • Loktorug
  • Solressia
  • Tessahn
  • Ulier
  • Conquebar Archipelagos
  • Covenince, the Trade Capitol
  • The Kingdoms of the Underdark
  • Island Estro
The Adventure's Story

Nearly 3-1/2 years ago, the Kingdom of Saertyrk was attacked by an undead army that came by the sea. Led by a mysterious general known as Mor’Rahk, the undead conquest was only advanced as the deaths of the men of Saer died. Within a few months, the southern half of the kingdom was desolated and overrun by the dead. Seeking aid, King Wravien sent out requests far and wide requesting help, but no country answered his plea.

One of King Wravien’s recruiters for their cause, Lieutenant Wedlinn, went south to the kingdom of Ocar, ruled by King Ocar’chul in the throne city of Ocar’Chulton. Wedlinn happened on a small group of adventurers. Upon making his case, they agreed they would help. Blocked by sea by undead commandeered ships and blocked in the mountains of Grishneln by undead, the decided they would go west. There was one last mission for Wedlinn though: he was to retrieve a map that held the clues necessary to finding a mysterious place called the Necromance–rumored to be the source of the undead army’s reinforcements. After confronting an insane necromancer named Sabiel, the wizard gave the adventurers and Wedlinn the map, the first piece to finding the location of the Necromance. The night before they left Ocar’Chulton, assassins tried to end their quest 'ere it began, but the adventurers defeated their undertakers.

A year later, trumpets sounded in the castle of Saer as the heroes returned from conquering the Necromance and all its foul atrocities. Though the undead still roamed southern Saertyrk, their numbers were crippled and their secret weapons were demolished. The adventurers disappeared shortly after the celebration.

Now, 2-1/2 years after the victory for Saertyrk, the adventurers have yet to be seen. The undead have advanced on the castle, which still stands alone in its defense. As retribution on the other nations, the undead have spread and more have come under the fear of a death less than death. The undead were once contained to just the continent of Feldour, but now there appears to be a new ally for the forces of Mor’Rahk, a recluse named Sovilar has marched his hellish army from the north of Mirdroth. His first victory: the entire empire of Iperia. <span class=“abbc3_strike”>To complicate matters more, strange invaders from the future have come, sewing havoc into time itself for Nirath.</span><sup>Removed. Never happened. It was always magical constructs.</sup>

With resources strained between defeating an undying foe and an empire conquering military, the world of Nirath is under siege.