The sorcerer is often considered the weakest of all the primary caster classes. These changes are made to reinforce its role and give it some of the power that it is lacking.

Sorcerous Restoration. Beginning at level 4, whenever you finish a short rest, you regain 2 sorcerery points. At level 8 this increases to 3. At level 12 this increased to 4. At level 16 this increased to 5. At level 20, this increases to 6.

Metamagic Changes.
Empowered Spell. This replaces the normal effect of this metamagic. All 1s rolled on a spell’s dice are now 2s. Any dice that rolls its max is rerolled. You cannot reroll a reroll if its die maxed. The rerolled dice can have a value of 1.

Sorcerous Origin Changes.
Wild Magic. The weakest of all Sorcerous Origins, this one needs boost.
Bend Luck now only costs 1 Sorcery Point.
Spell Bombardment allows you to reroll any number of dice that are max, rather than just 1.
Elemental Affinity: you gain resistance to your Draconic Ancestry’s type and need not spend a sorcery point.

Arcane Thesis.
New Sorcerer capstone. Choose one spell of 1st-level through 3rd-level that you can cast. Once per short rest, you can apply three different metamagic options to this spell without cost. In addition, this spell does not count as one of your spells known.

Spells Known.
Sorcerers maximum spells known is increased to 22. In addition, Sorcerers can switch one spell per point of Charisma bonus on their spell list each day by spending an hour meditating on their magical power. A Sorcerer who does not obtain a full night’s rest (the long rest is interrupted) cannot switch their spells.
Spells Known Progression:

Level Points Level Points
1 2 11 13
2 3 12 14
3 4 13 15
4 5 14 16
5 6 15 17
6 7 16 18
7 8 17 19
8 9 18 20
9 10 19 21
10 12 20 22
Power Infusions. Similar to Wizards finding scrolls for their spell books, Sorcerers have the potential to gain a “power infusion” throughout their adventuring days. This power infusion comes in the form of an extra spell known, but the extra spell known cannot be switched out with another spell through meditating. The extra spell known is a specific spell related to character concept or the source of power infusion. The spell is never chosen by the player, but can be any spell from a custom spell to one that exists on a spell list within the sorcerer's usual limits (i.e. no healing spells).