Soulforged 5e [WIP]

In this homebrew interpretation of the Soulforged, it is considered a classless race, but progresses and gains features like a class.

A Soulforged character will start off with race-like benefits and bonuses, and then gain proficiencies and features like a class as the character gains levels.

Soulforged will come with a specialized ‘Core’, which is like a class archetype. This ‘Core’ will stay with Soulforged, differentiating them by magical, light martial, or heavy martial types.

The Soulforged will then have a list of ‘Armaments’ to choose from, starting with a base amount and gaining more with level progressions. The list of Armaments will mimic that of the 3.5e Spellborg, and closely resemble the 5e Warlock Invocations by providing mostly persistent effect features, with level and Archetype restrictions.

Work still in progress.

Why classless?
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By making it classless, while mimicing class feature progressions, it removes the hassle of balancing the race benefits with any/all of the other class features from source book material. By restricting these “class features”, “race+class” balance becomes much easier because the possibilities for min/max abuse is contained within the Soulforged race, and can be fixed. I/we wouldn’t have to account for (as an example) Soulforged Barbarian being overpowered and Soulforged Bard being underpowered as an inherent imbalance of the classes. It would be self-contained with only the race, and only the race has to be re-balanced.