Split the Fighter Class

After thinking about this for a bit and seeing what other people have said elsewhere on the internet but here that I won’t quote since I cannot find what I had read, I am wondering if perhaps some of my thoughts with the Fighter are that it is too broad of a class, or that it is trying to cover too many character ideas. What if the Fighter could be broken down into three separate classes with their own archetypes? Would this be a good move or a bad move? What are reasons for either?

Some general thoughts:
Break the Fighter into three classes: Knight, Warlord, and Fighter/Warrior.

Knight: A class of martial characters based on honor. Organized into Orders based on shared purposes, such as the Order of the Eldritch Knights. Sample characters would be the medieval knight and the samurai.

Warlord: A class of martial characters whose presence and charisma allow them inspire their comrades and demoralize their opponents. Warlords are divided into Leadership styles based. Sample characters would be the Captain (see Lord of the Rings Online’s Captain class for a video game example), a military leader in the trenches with his teammates, or the tribal chieftain leading his fellow tribesmen into battle.

Warrior: A class of martial characters whose combat prowess stands above those around him. Warriors are divided into Battle Techniques based on how they fight. Sample characters would be gladiators, nomadic warriors and raiders, or skilled combatants such as the existing Battle Master archetype.

This could allow for many new martial character concepts as well as allowing each class to be further diversified in how they represent the martial character. I think part of the issue with the Fighter’s ability to address situations from multiple angles is that it tries to cover too many concepts and ultimately has to tone down its other abilities for the sake of its fighting abilities.

I’d love to have some discussion on this idea!