Survey: Majority of American Christians Don’t Believe the Gospel

While America may be a “reached” country by some estimates,[1] what this survey shows is that American theology is at a very poor level and in need of great improvement. While we may have issues with false gospels like the prosperity gospel, it is clear that we still have issues with a works-based righteousness in a broad number of our churches, not even a minority, and possibly heretical views of life after death (e.g., universalism). We should pray that the Holy Spirit would pour out a desire for God’s Word upon our country and bring revival through the preaching of His Word. Perhaps then, when the gospel in all its fullness is preached, we would see the changes in our churches we so desire

  1. Here I am thinking of how the target of missions is and should be defined, which I had linked to here and is commonly associated with the Joshua Project. Suffice to say, I think such measurements may be helpful but are ultimately insufficient. ↩︎