The Future of North Campaign

Hey folks! I’m looking to re-re-revive the Frozen North campaign.

I’ve been slowly working at updating the world map as a whole, but plan to possibly take a side dip into mapping out the North’s territory. In due time the map(s) should be made available.

One of the changes I plan to implement, in order to accommodate a changing party, is multiple player characters per player. Each person would be responsible for making somewhere between three and five characters with enough background and personality to play any of their characters. Should a character die or the night’s party need a different something-something, player’s can switch their characters around. This could also help to facilitate characters who have to go away for a time. In keeping with the general feeling of North campaign, characters will begin at level 1.

Another change that I am considering implementing to further accommodate a changing party is Episodic adventures and series of one-shots. Players are welcome to play the same character(s) between series/episodes/one shots, but there won’t be a day to day adventure, lest that be the flow the characters choose. As per normal, during an adventuring session, characters would need to eat and sleep, but this would essentially not be tracked for the time displaced beforehand.

I believe this flow will set the North campaign up for success. I plan to release information regarding the setting, character creation, and the like in due time. The campaign will be reverting from Gram back to D&D 5e due to my familiarity with the system. I may implement a level cap at level 6 for a D&D 5e/E6 mashup, but I will decide that at a later time.

If you have any thoughts about this new plan, please feel free to share them here!