The Races of Pol'Thuun

The First of the Nirath'dazh Said by the Zejjaton'dazh to be the first of Ajj'Arkun's Children, the races which composed the First of the Nirath'dazh were said to be beautiful, skilled, and representatives of Ajj'Arkun's creation. Here, we find the elves, who took to the forests, the dwarves, who took to the mountains, the halflings, who took to the plains, and more. Their beauty and stewardship of creation is bountifully expressed, and also easily perverted into a worship of it. These races are sometimes called the Cousins of the Drifters.
The Drifters Born with an unquenchable thirst for wandering and home, these beings rarely settle and find it hard to call a place home for long. They have an ingenuity unlike other races, a thirst for knowledge, zealous passions, and yet are fragile, weak of heart, and prone to pride; they are individualistic and materialistic, and yet have been known to show intense devotion. And all this is to say that they are a race of inconsistency, whether to their detriment or to their benefit; idealistic or apathetic, committed to their causes or claiming they are the master of their own destinies. Their pride leads to a worship of self yet they are quick to worship whatever they can put their hands on, and will spend their relatively short lives seeking after things which they cannot have. This race is known as the Men to others.
The Jajjyxkhauth The Jajjyxkhauth are separated into several subraces. The foremost of which are the Zejjaton'dazh, Nojhitezh'dazh, Fallen, and Lost Ones. This lizard-like race is spiritual and long lived. They are communal in society, but can be stubborn, impatient, and quick to take action. The branches of their race defines ancestors' worship, whether it was the faithful Zejjaton'dazh, the blaspheming, monaltristic Nojhitezh'dazh, the idol-and-spirit-worshipping Fallen, or the Ajj'Arkun-worshipping and heathen animists called the Lost Ones. Though depending on which history these races view their history from, such details may be skewed according to which Sages' teachings they find accord.
The Second of the Nirath'dazh Considered those who were made as members of creation. Ajj'Arkun designed the Second of the Nirath'dazh to reflect creation rather than steward it. Here we find many more races, and the vast majority of the denizens of Pol'Thuun are included in this category. This collection of races includes the orcs, goblinoids, ogres, trolls, Tezyrjd, Ergorigl, Jzaloru, Jzklakar, and many, many more. They, too, like their cousins, are worshipers of spirits.