The Story

[tabs][tab title=“Chapter 1: To Castle Saer!”]

  • The original party, consisting of Doman, Mjolnar, Tyraña, Jahreck, Clarence, Norman, Laris, Feista, Borem, and Seraphina, gathered in Ocar'Chulton to consider their adventuring options.
  • The party meets Lieutenant Wedlinn and agrees to go south to the Devrigast Tower to acquire a map from a necromancer who lives there. Wedlinn requests help fighting the undead who have laid siege the Saertyrk lands. The party meets Sabiel, who seemed out of his mind, and learns of what would be his symbol.
  • The party returns to Ocar'Chulton; there is an assassination attempt on their lives that night. The party defeats the assassins, but agrees to leave in the morning to help Wedlinn and the Saertyrk lands against Mor'Rahk and his undead.Seraphina and Tyraña decide not to continue.
  • The party leaves due west for the Elpinak Forest. The party consists of Wedlinn, the original adventurers, and clerics from the Free Lance Chapel. One cleric dies on the horse ride to the forest because of giants waging battle nearby. The party enters the forest by foot.
  • The party sees strange, magical things occurring in the woods. An encounter with a race called the corrucana forces them south out of the forest. With the help of the clerics, they ascend a mountain to a pass that leads them to a portal. This portal teleports them further west, where they descend downward. In the descent, they encounter a relatively young dragon named Raze, followed by undead assailants who manage to knock a cleric and Mjolnar off a cliffside. Mjolnar survives in a coma. Their descent ends around the edge of the mountain pass in a wolf infested cave.
  • The party heads further west, avoiding the Pinyoowa villages. They rest for a night due east of a river, near a village. Wedlinn and the clerics go to the village in the morning without the players to investigate some occult behavior; they are killed in the process. The players have revenge on the village, and recognize Sabiel's symbol embroidered on the clothes of some of the villagers.
  • The party cross the river, but move from a green forest to an ash-riddled forest.
  • The party travel through the forest and find a strange altar surrounded by three armies of stone soldiers. A staff sits in the altar. Borem pulled the staff from the altar and has a vision of Sabiel placing the staff in the altar as three armies march towards him.
  • The party continue onward, confused by the staff. They find a strange door on the side of a mountain in the ashen plains. The door speaks a foreboding, "Leave," and they decide it is best that they do. The eventually make their way to the Warrior's Gouge, where bad weather and a mindflayer make them turn tail. They return to the door to enter and face undead horrors and meet Sabiel again, this time he is far more sane, far more evil, and far more powerful than he was at Devrigast Tower.
  • The party leave Sabiel alone, unsure what to do with him. They make their way to the Warrior's Gouge, where they kill the mindflayer. Doman is killed in the fight, but is resurrected once they fight subsides.
  • The party, seeing the size of the gap between them and the other side of the northern valley of the Gouge, decide to take a strange stairway down into the Gouge. They face some golems who would have defeated them, but Mjolnar's prayer saves them from utter defeat. Clarence is nearly killed.
  • The party enter an old dwarven mineshaft where they come face-to-face with a hobgoblin chieftain named Gak who is attempting to kill a dwarven ambassador named Higran. The party and Gak do battle and are nearly defeated, but Gak falters and Doman seizes his chance for victory. An elaborate trap laid by Mjolnar and the efforts of Norman and Borem bring about the downfall of Gak as he is pulled and pushed into a pit as Mjolnar releases a trap through the Shape Stone spell on top of him, crushing the hobgoblin under weights of stone in the tunnels of the mines. The ambassador thanks them as they flee the tunnel and its goblinoid invasion.
  • The party makes its way out and continues down the stairs, facing off with a purple worm. The party survives through the feats of strength that Norman performs and the summoning of a celestial bison by Mjolnar. The party arrives at the bottom of the stairway in a portion of the underdark lit by the sun above. To the northwest is the Magmattar Orcs and the South East, South West is the Dwarf Kingdom of Undowaul.
  • The party takes up missions for the dwarves of Undowaul, who have not the men to spare to deal with the Orc tribe's expansion. The party eventually kill their king, King Carl. They also angers a dragon named Flamebather. During one of their quests for Undowaul, Clarence is killed by the acid breath of a black dragon and Norman is thought killed, though his body was never discovered.
  • The party also experiences many other events in Undowaul: Feista sold Borem into slavery, and purchased two Goatfolk slaves named Snarf and Shitar. Doman purchased a wife out of slavery named Eleiira. Borem is rescued from slavery but given cursed equipment by Feista. The party deals with some shakey group dynamics, as a man named Drekore and a woman named Cassandra join their party but leave soon after as replacements for Doman and Jahreck, who left temporarily but rejoined the party before they left Undowaul. The loss of Clarence called for his replacement--a rogue name Leoice, skilled with the crossbow.
  • The party leaves the Warrior's Gouge and arrives in the Northern Elpinak Forest, a last hostile place than the Southern Elpinak Forest. They enter into the Anlife plains, territory controlled by the undead general Mor'Rahk. They attempt to due battle, but the power of their foe was too immense, and so they fled across the Wravien River.


[tab title=“Chapter 2: The Necromance”]

  • They arrive in Castle Saer, a place distraught with its imminent doom. They meet General Marcus K. Loran, who is in charge of the castle while King Wravien is away attempting to gain support. The party is assigned to go to the island on the map that Sabiel gave them. They board the ship of Admiral Ozzarelen; the ship's name is the Arcing Arrow. The party sails off towards Apexia Island. On their way, they are attacked by the pirates Tiel'Kar, Tar'Aar, and Tor'Nar. Tiel'Kar's ship explodes due to the player's efforts, but Borem's pet giant eagle, named Wedlinn after the loss of the party's guide, is beheaded. Tor'Nar's ship is suddenly attacked by a Kraken, and Tar'Aar flees as he sees defeat nearing. The party sails on towards the island.
  • The party arrives at Apexia, where they ascend to a labyrinth built on the island's mountain. Inside, the party meets up with Norman, who they thought dead. Norman says he swam to the island because of the map the party had. Borem is killed in the labyrinth's walls due to an extradimensional space malfunction. He almost escaped with his hands sticking out of the walls. Laris uses Borem's hands to reincarnate him, but he is reincarnated into a female elf. The party continues but becomes lost. Doman faces off with some minotaurs, rejoins the party, and all of them eventually find what they are looking for--a second map detailing the locations of a place called the Necromance, rumored to be the source of the undead army's reinforcements and rumored to be very close to Castle Saer. The players flee the labyrinth, attempting to backtrack while pursued by a wraith.
  • The party sails back to Castle Saer, but is attacked by the undead's most feared ship--the . The party defeats the undead ship, hurting in number, but surviving to finish their journey home. Marcus pulls the party into a secret room because he believes the undead have spies in the city and strange occult behavior. He orders them to go to the Necromance straight away and they agree. They meet up with Bol, the stable keeper, and take horses to the location on the map, all the way in the Wrelt Lands.
  • The party breaks through an extremely advanced illusion protecting the place, and busts in through the front door. They face off with many undead, and monstrous ones to boot. Surely the Castle Saer would have fallen to the might of these undead. Throughout their time in the Necromance, the party learns about the history of Sabiel, a demonic spirit that possessed a man named Ginren. Ginren Dasimnon was the son of Gallard Dasimnon, and the Necromance was once the Dasimnon Mansion. Ginren ended up murdering his family and lost his grip on reality to the spirit. The party encounters fiends, they hear the name of a being named Sovilar, and much else. The party defeats all the evil inside the former Mansion, but not without the cost of Norman and Phonamar's lives, who thankfully, were resurrected.
  • In their descent down the last wing of the Necromance, the party encounters Sabiel, again, who is frightening beyond reason. They leave the Necromance unsure what to make of this strange reoccurring foe.
  • The party arrives at Castle Saer and informs Marcus that the Necromance has been destroyed. The party disperses for two years to train and hone their skills.
[/tab] [tab title="Chapter 3: Delyrion City and Rolve Melstrom, the Mage of Yore"]
    <li style="text-align: left;">Eventually, the a slightly modified party arrives in Delyrion--a strange city. They discover oddities with the citizens and work their way through the Delyrion Underground, taking captive a goblin named Ericgar, a soldier who was standing guard for the exiled goblins of Rar'Ilan, now waging for homeland.
  • The party ascends into the towers from a backdoor held underground, only to confront magical armor and a strange beast beyond their power. The party flees the towers back to a home base Phonamar has been setting up in the city.
  • The party also faces off with a foe, alleged to be from the future, and win. The strange metallic monster arrived in a sky ship that was falling out of the sky and destroyed one of the tower's to the Castle Bastion of Rolve. Captain Bewag of Delyrion awards the party with the key to the Bastion's front door. Previously, magic had kept the towers impenetrable, which proved to be disheartening for the Juggernaut, who left the party shortly after arriving.
  • The party's initial foray into the towers proved to be somewhat fruitful, as they rid the first tower of Rolve's of his magical guardians, passed over the collapsed tower destroyed by the metallic giant, and descended into the third, where they met with Sabiel, whose power was beyond explanation.
  • The party finds strange things like magical pylons, extradimensional spaces, and imprisoned monsters. Doman dies from a magical trap and Phonamar almost dies as well, for the trap had a second feature protecting it. Mjolnar visits the heavens and brings Doman back to life, who has now been commissioned by his god as a paladin against Sabiel.
  • Sadly, the party disperses after these amazing feats in Delyrion.
  • The party is slow to get back together. Everyone is taking care of problems in their homelands.
    • Feista, Raja (Feista's animal companion tiger, who replaced his former pet Gobbler), Shitar, and Snarf, and Norman, try to deal with the dragon Flamebather, who has enslaved Feista's homeland of Fabril.
    • Borem and Jadyr (his talking pet eagle) wander a strange journey, trying to discover who Borem is in his new elf body; he sells his soul to a fiend, and is rescued by Alcest, a strange wizard plagued with memory loss that me met in Undowaul. Borem is restored to his former half-orc self. His memory, damaged in the reincarnation, returns to full and he burns with hatred to kill Feista with the first chance he gets.
    • Jahreck has busied himself with the workings of his guild, the Marshalls. He works with his allies Zurgo and Jukker (thank goodness he is there) to deal with war issues stemming from the undead in other lands.
    • Doman has settled down and become comfy with his lifestyle in Solressia, his homeland, starting a family with his wife.
    • Mjolnar has returned to Ivundar to meet up with his wife Tyraña and his son.
    • Norman finds the archipelagos of Conquebar, and becomes the chieftain of one of the tribes there.
    • Laris goes to Ebrethel, to the druid capitol city of Lindelin, and finds her time there refreshing and too important to leave.
    • Leoice returns to Iperia, to work with the poor and against the corrupt of his homelands.
    • Phonamar initiates the regrouping process.
  • Phonamar uses his magic to find Feista and Norman.
  • The party partially returns to Delyrion, but Feista and Borem meet. Borem had been under a spell to make him not hate Feista, nor recognize him for that matter, and they kill one another. Feista's slaves leave the city for their homeland, given their new freedom.
  • The party goes to Lindelin because a meeting has been called for the leaders of Nirath to join together to end the undead threat. A dispute erupts and many warring factions leave. The party is commissioned to go to Delyrion City and deal with Rolve Melstrom, whom they fear is siding with the undead and this strange Sabiel character. Laris stays behind due to the perversion of her soul from all the evil; she cannot stand it anymore, and an undead bard named Vayvis joins the party. Jahreck taps out for other work and Zurgo the Orc taps in in his place. Surprisingly, Clarence is there.
  • The new party goes to Delyrion, and meets up with a mysterious man named Alius, who agrees to join the party but won't explain why. Leoice's strange illness keeps them from going into Rolve's Tower Bastion.
  • Their reluctance is overcome when an invasion force from, with no other explanation, the future arrives. Previously, the rumors had been there were only two armies, but this was a third army. A strange metallic sphere, which had floated over the skies of Rolve's Tower Bastion, emits a massive beam of energy which destroys the ship. As the ship comes crashing down, as the ship's crew on board descends on the peninsula, the party has no other purpose but to enter the Rolve's towers again. The party finds strange magical happenings again, meets a man who goes by the name Caretaker, and fully explores the rest of the towers until they reach the very top of Rolve's central tower. Caretaker teleports them to Rolve's Magical Fortress in the Sky.
  • The players do battle with Rolve and his minions, and eventually defeat Rolve, who in a weird way, had become corrupted by Sabiel and was aiding him.
  • The metal sphere in the sky comes crashing down in Mirdroth in the Caldefra Woods of the Sovillic Empire. To the party's surprise, Norman's skin becomes a bright red and he rescues the party, drained of its resources, thanks to his new found genie heritage.
  • Sadly, the party yet again departs from one another until only Norman, Phonamar, and Alius remain.
[/tab][tab title="Chapter 4: Letters from Rolve"]
  • The party has two letters written by Rolve addressed to two different individuals, Sovilar and Guurall. Unsure who either person is, the party heads south looking for civilization.
  • Along the way, the party meets a rogue named Yroc, skilled in traps. The party visits Yroc's homeland, only to find it destroyed. They proceed to a kingdom nearby, Xejavar, but it too has been destroyed. The party believes it to be the work of an undead and fiend army.
  • The party agrees to hunt down this army, or go to Iperia. They face off with the army forward unit, but their wounds force them to use magic to deceive their foes and flee. When the fiends find them, Alius once again surprises the party, still unsure who he is, when they arrive on his ship sailing across the sea. The party, learning that Alius has a ship and crew, ask for more explaining.
  • The party eventually rescues some sailors and their captain, who were sinking aboard their ship while out in the seas.
  • The party docks at a small port village. Vayvis leaves, but Laris arrives, looking for them. She claims she has been sent on a mission to investigate an unnatural storm raging over the lands of Lasad.
  • Alius and Norman remain aboard the ship at the dock, but Phonamar and Laris go inside, where the barkeep offers some of the news he knows "by way of the gull". Phonamar and Laris begin to put together all of the information they have gathered throughout their journeys and realize that something bigger than they could have imagined is going on behind the scenes; even then, with their reasoning, they are unsure if they are accurate, but willing to put some money down that they finally know what's going on.
  • While discussing, Norman joins the party as does a man named Maple, who has come looking for Laris. After introductions, the party agrees to bring Maple with them.
  • The party decides it should deal with the storm over Lasad to help Laris so that she is under no obligation other than to assist the party.
  • While planning, the sailors the party saved enter the tavern, only to be remembered as one of the three pirate captains and some of his crew which attacked the party when they were sailing to Apexia. The pirates manage to escape undetected.
  • The party heads towards a strange contraption which the barkeep had mentioned. It is run by hobgoblins and appears to travel on two metal beams laid along the ground. This type of invention has never been seen before. The party attempts to gain passage through this contraption but have been unable to communicate with the single language hobgoblins.